(Top3) Best 360 Camera for Real Estate Reviews

Best 360 Camera for Real Estate

Best 360 Camera for Real Estate Agents (Realtors): Here I will show you best budget 360 degree cameras for your real estate business. Besides that, I will also discuss related FAQs, Buyer guide and much more.

So let’s get into details….

Properties have never been easier to sell than they are right now, as long as you use the proper knowledge to present your assets.

In the real estate industry, a robust 360 cam is a game-changer. It helps you to display the bedrooms as if the individual is standing there with you.

This will encourage them to inspect the property without even entering it, resulting in further requests for in-person viewings.

The best 360 sensors can film scenes, backgrounds, and landscapes in a way that no other device can, and they also provide incredible editing options.

The best 360 camera for realtors has a variety of shooting possibilities.

It produces videos and still that can be used as virtual reality material incompatible browsers or applications.

They can also be edited into standard ‘flat’ videos in which you can aim the camera anywhere you want or follow every subject after the video has been taken.

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Why Purchase a 360 Camera for Real Estate?

Realtors can make interactive tours using the technology.

For interiors, you’ll also need a 12-24mm full-frame zoom and a drone for aerial shots.

Re-framed spherical video will almost certainly be seen more by creative types in the future.

If you buy a GoPro Max or an Insta360 One R or One X, you’ll get great apps to transform your spherical video into something that can be watched on any TV or mobile screen.

How to Choose the Perfect 360 Cam for Real Estate Business?

Resolution of the Video

When recording 360-degree footage, you’ll need a high resolution to keep sharp images. When you enlarge a standard Full HD 1080p video to that scale, it can appear fuzzy or sub-optimal. However, raising the resolution to 5.6K would result in immersive, breathtaking footage.


360 cameras have multiple camera modules, allowing them to film various videos at the same time. The programme and hardware must merge (stitch) the videos together to make them as smooth as possible for them to be incorporated into a single video without any problems. Bear in mind that some cameras are better at this than others.

Image Quality in Stills

The last point to remember is picture consistency. If you want to give prospective clients a truly immersive experience, you’ll need a 360 camera with decent still picture quality. Thanks to this function, they will be able to pan around the environment and look around the living areas in a highly immersive way.

How Do 360 Cameras Work?

The best 360 cameras would have two sets of lenses, even though each camera is unique.

In its visual field, each lens can catch 180 degrees. It would then either stitch the photos together for you or give you tools.

With only one press button, the app will also stitch the two images or videos together. However, any colour bleeding over the stitch is to be expected. The higher the camera’s resolution, the less bleeding you’ll have to repair.

Overall, using a 360 camera is a lot quicker than using a tripod and assuming you didn’t miss a corner, then having to fix the distortion in Photoshop is easy.

Best 360 Camera for Real Estate Reviews

Ricoh Theta SC2 Blue 360° Camera

The Ricoh Theta SC2 is the perfect 360 camera for those who like to take pictures rather than videos. It takes breathtaking, crystal-clear photographs to wow future real estate clients.

The optics on these photos are incredible, and every detail seems to be spotless.

The THETA SC2 allows you to catch your entire surroundings in spherical 360° photographs and video with only one take.

Never again would you have to stress about getting everyone in or being left out of a frame.

With the latest night mode, you can capture fantastic night scenes with less noise and a broader dynamic range. With the face recognition feature, you can even take stunning portraits.

Designed to fit comfortably in your hands, there are four stylish shades to choose from.

A patented folded optics device optimises internal components in a thin and lightweight body.

The RICOH THETA is compatible with most iOS and Android devices.

As a result, you’ll be able to effortlessly share your 360° creations with your customers and even construct incredible VR experiences.

Plus, using the new camera stabilisation equipment, high-quality 4K 360-degree images can be captured.

GoPro MAX — Waterproof 360 Degree Camera

Make the most of your artistic freedom. You can record immersive 360 videos or shoot standard HERO type video and images with MAX. With a shotgun mic and a front-facing webcam, you can vlog to the max.

The GoPro Max seems to be a 360-degree action camera for adventurers, but anybody can use it.

The beauty of 360 and the GoPro Max is that you can film without worrying about framing (within reason) and then modify your content in the app.

This is at the top of our list for its high-quality recording and microphones, as well as the fact that it can be used as a vlogging and action camera (though not in 4K).

Standard 4K single-camera capture would have been much better, and the software experience could use some improvement.

With what the Max can do, it’s still a fantastic move into what could genuinely be the future of filmmaking, and right now, we believe it’s the best 360 camera for real estate around.

When moving through an operation, capture super stabilised time-lapse images.

TimeWarp sets speed automatically in HERO mode based on acceleration, scene detection, and illumination.

You can also slow the effect down to real-time, allowing you to savour exciting moments before speeding it up again.

In HERO mode, you should prioritise sound from either side of the frame, regardless of which lens you’re using—ideal for video content.

Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition 360 Camera

The Insta360 One is one of several 360° cameras for real estate that comes with a phone attachment for easy use.

Agents looking for a real estate 360° virtual tour device ready to use right out of the box would find this to be the ideal part for getting started with video tours that can be broadcast on Facebook Live, a website, or some related platform.

The Insta360 One could be used to build interactive tours on both iPhone and Android devices.

The Insta360 One R Twin Edition is a 4K action camera with 360 video capture capabilities.

This is accomplished using Insta360’s two distinct lens units. These may be slotted into place, but the battery must first be removed.

“FlowState” stabilisation system supports the Insta360’s 4K camera resolution. It also makes use of AI tools to support its recording modes, such as “Auto Frame.”

This enables you to trace an item both before and after filming. It is designed to last and is waterproof to a depth of five metres.

Luckily, by including extra accommodation, this may be expanded.

Pixels aren’t always made together. With Super 5.7K resolution, the Dual-Lens 360 Mod pushes the envelope, using H265 decoding, sophisticated image stabilisation, and an AI-powered finishes algorithm to conserve information and make the footage pop.

When filming in 360, you can choose your subject with a tap or a voice order.

The AI-powered tracking system in ONE R holds it in the middle of the frame.

Deep Track takes up the shot as soon as your subject reappears, even though objects block your line of sight.

You can overlay clips with HUD data, including distance, altitude, path, and route, using ONE R’s Stats overview. Make a journey map and keep track of your progress.

How do you take 360 pictures for real estate?

With the help of a 360-degree camera, you can take good 360 pictures for your real estate business.

Which is the best 360 camera?

Ricoh Theta SC2, GoPro MAX and Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition are the best cameras for 360 pictures.

Can you live stream 360 video?

Yes, it is possible to live stream in 360 videos.

Are 360 cameras worth it?

A 360-degree camera system is worth it if you intend to use it that way. Especially for realtors, getting a 360-degree camera can be helpful for their business and give a better insight into properties online.


The best shooting experience is achieved by using one of these 360 cameras with a decent film tripod.

Grab a drone to get some seamless aerial shots if you want to take your photos and videos to the next level.

This will give you a bird’s eye view to complement the interior 360 shots. You will have a completely interactive environment for your customers, making them feel they had already visited the properties.

So, this was all about best 360 camera for real estate agents (Realtors) will help you to pick the right product online on Amazon.

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