(Top5) Best Controller for Rocket League Reviews

Best Controller for Rocket League

Best Controller for Rocket League: Rocket League is a modernized soccer game that is considered as demanding as FIFA, Madden or any similar sports video game.

Every game requires proper gameplay and for that, it requires equipment to help you with adequate control.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best rocket league controller you can buy on Amazon.

All the controllers in this guide will not only be easy to use but provide you with a fantastic gaming experience.

Let us first discuss some requirements that will help you to buy the best controller for rocket league video game.

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Before we go into more details, let’s have a quick look at Rocket League Controllers you can buy on Amazon.

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition Xbox One Controller4.5

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition Xbox One ControllerAmazon’s Choice

  • Compatible with PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S
Buy Now
Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller4.5

Elite Series 2 Wireless ControllerGood Choice

  • Compatible with Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Windows 10
Buy Now
DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 44.7

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4High Rated

  • Compatible with windows 10 PC, and PS4
Buy Now
Steam Controller4.3

Steam ControllerGood Choice

  • Compatible with Linux, Mac, Windows, SteamOS
Buy Now
GameSir T4 pro Wireless Game Controller4.2

GameSir T4 pro Wireless Game ControllerAmazon’s Choice

  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Andorid TV Box, Mac OS, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch
Buy Now

How to Choose the Best Controller for Rocket League?

As we already know, that Rocket league is quite a demanding game so getting a proper controller according to it is essential.

Here are some specifications that you can follow to pick the right Rocket League Controller.

1. Customizable

Having the option to alter and remap the buttons on a controller is an essential factor.

Stock DS4 offers essential customization. A portion of the further developed supportive of level regulators permits you to reconfigure every button, including the touchpad.

Modification of the sensitivity of the triggers must be available in the customization process.

You can plan the face button to extra buttons or paddles, allowing you not to utilize a similar finger for various activities.

Some gamers use the support on L1, R2 to throttle, and R1 for the scoreboard, making it significantly more straightforward to utilize the sliding and jumping activities button.

2. Added Buttons

Having an additional set of buttons is essential when we talk about the best remote controller for rocket league.

Other than that, padded ones can make a remarkable difference in your gameplay.

Users that have switched to a paddle controller will not be likely to go back to a controller without a paddle.

Rather than pressing face buttons, it is much easier to tap paddles during intense playing.

3. Latency

If you choose a wireless controller for playing Rocket League, then latency can become an issue. Even a millisecond of lag in gameplay can make a huge difference, especially in games like Rocket League.

That is why having a low latency rate is essential, and all the options in this guide have the same.

Best Controller for Rocket League Reviews

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition Xbox One Controller

If you are eyeing a controller that will provide you with total price value, this can be your choice. We are talking about the Razer Wolverine Tournament edition.

This controller comes with 4 Remappable Multi-Function Buttons. This includes two small paddles on the rear and two more buttons inside the console’s top triggers.

Another good thing that you will get with this controller is the trigger locks. This will help while you are playing FFP games, especially with quicker reaction times.

The back paddles are fantastic, and their size and place are totally at the correct position on the controller.

They don’t withdraw, so they’re generally there, yet they’re entirely positioned, and it takes just the smallest of presses to initiate.

Razer Synapse permits you customization of this regulator and some other Razer items you may effectively claim. The Razer Synapse application for Xbox likewise becomes an integral factor, and not only for changing the Chroma lighting impacts.

It permits you to remap the extra buttons and paddles with Rocket League regulator settings, just as offering centre and dexterous capacities that can change the affectability of your thumbsticks at the press of a button.

When we talk about triggers, bumpers, and buttons, it’s almost like any other Wolverine Ultimate controller.

Overall, this controller is fantastic for playing Rocket league and the paddles, triggers locks and all the other buttons are exceptional.

Though it is a wired controller, all the other highlights will easily coverup that.

Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller

The Series 2 regulator is somewhat more extensive than the first. While the metallic accents are held, there is fold over rubber treated grips, making it more ergonomic and easier to maintain while playing.

Likewise, it’s lighter than the first Elite, which is a much-needed development for a controller.

You will get four paddle buttons on the controller’s underside, which can all be remapped, taken out or impaired.

The underside also sports the profile switch button, allowing you to store and switch button profiles on-the-fly.

You will get four thumb sticks, two finished ones and two exemplary ones, two metallic D-cushions and the paddles, which are all attractive features to the controller.

It also indicates that you can switch it with a new one if any one of the buttons breaks down. There will be no need to get a new one or use the broken one.

We likewise like the slider button on the fundamental hair triggers, which allows you to alter the sensitivity.

More or less, you can change the degree to which each trigger should be pressed.

Moving the slider to short decreases the info time, and expanding it too long, extend it.

This is a good component that can be valuable, relying upon the game that you are playing.

In an FPS gaming situation, the short trigger travel can fire quickly at the adversary. In RL, you can plan it to help.

Overall, the Xbox Elite controller is quite lovely and help you with drastically better gameplay.

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4

The DualShock 4 is ideal for its motivation, smooth, tiny and remote.
Features like the built-in speaker, fluctuating light bar tones, contact cushion, and movement sensors upgrade your gameplay, especially for Rocket League players.

You don’t have to settle for dull colours with this controller as you will get the options of red, blue, gold or green camo DualShock 4.

You can connect a gaming headset or earphones to the regulator effectively as well.

When talking about its battery life, it might be a minor issue as it can go for up to eight hours on a single charge.

Many of us have effectively moved onto USB-C for our smartphones, so there are less appropriate links lying about the house.

We discover that DualShock 4 is an incredible controller for somebody who needs to continue playing and isn’t worried about the customization.

Steam Controller

Next in our list of best controllers for rocket league comes Valve’s Steam controller. If you like to be very specific with your gaming, this can be the best option. It is well designed, built and highly functional, along with good haptic feature as well.

This controller is wireless, so you can easily play games just by sitting on your couch without any trouble.

You will also get dual trackpads along with trackballs and an adaptive centring joystick with this controller.

Other than that, this controller will provide complete ergonomic comfort and the precision you need for playing games like Rocket League.

Overall, the Steam Controller is a good console that will allow you to play games for hours with total comfort.

GameSir T4 pro-Wireless Game Controller

The GameSir T4 Pro is a multi-stage gaming controller intended to work with essentially all accessible devices include (Nintendo Switch), your PC (both Microsoft and Apple OS) and even with your smartphone.

The GameSir T4 Pro is a multi-stage gaming controller intended to work with essentially all accessible devices include (Nintendo Switch), your PC (both Microsoft and Apple OS) and even with your smartphone.

The GameSir T4 Pro is an improved adaptation of the base T4 model. However, these enhancements are made within the console (recent chip), so it has a similar layout to its older model.

Undoubtedly, the controller has that trademark cloudy dark plastic covering the case – the plastic acquires a grippier surface where the gadget sits in the palm of your hands. At the same time, the rest stays delicate to the touch.

The buttons and joysticks are all situated perfectly on the controller, which allows you to have good gameplay.

The button design on the T4 Pro is the dependable one with A, B, X and Y face fastens, the D-cushion, and simple lopsided sticks.

These have an elastic covering and finished edges that make them non-slippery and easy to utilize.

Overall, GameSir T4 pro-Wireless Game Controller is a good option when considering playing Rocket League with it.

Is it better to play Rocket League with a controller?

Yes, your game will be much better if you use a controller to play Rocket League.

What controllers are compatible with rocket League?

All the controllers in this article are compatible with Rocket league, they are namely Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition, Steam Controller, GameSir T4 pro Wireless Game Controller, DualShock 4 Wireless Controller and Elite Series 2 Controller.

Do pros use keyboard or controller rocket League?

Majority of the players use controller over keyboard for playing Rocket League.

Is Steam controller good for rocket League?

Yes, it is a good controller.

Wrapping it Up…

So, this was all about the best controller for rocket league. All the options in this article appropriate for good gameplay. Also refer our buyers guide that will help you to choose the perfect controller according to your wants.

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