Best Desktop Apps for Online Teaching

Technology and education are going hand in hand now a days. New innovations, techniques of knowledge are rising and different apps for online teaching are coming into use.

These apps have already gained a lot of attention due to the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic which forced millions to stay at home.

Though the main focus here is that education should never stop and these apps help both teacher and student to do so.

There are a number of laptops for teachers available in the market that can smoothly run all the desktop apps in this article.

With the help of these applications students also get access to learning material online.

Another good thing about this is that it can keep both students and teachers connected to each other.

Let us now discuss about best desktop apps for online teaching.

4 Desktop Apps for Online Teaching


Zoom has without a doubt become the sweetheart application and correspondence focus with so a lot more individuals as of now working, considering, or basically hanging out at home.

It has now become a platform that has become successful in connecting teachers to students, boss to employees, and employees to clients.

Using this application is quite easy, plus both teachers and students get to be connected with each other.

Other than that, the app works on cloud video conferencing stage that permits you to have “meetings” with many members.

By using the Zoom application, teachers can share exercise plans, give guidance, trade records with students, and discuss legitimately with the gathering or people through visit and all this is possible inside the application.

Google Classroom

Most of the school in the wake of online classes have already introduced Google Classroom app to both students and teachers.

Google classroom is a specialized app that is made for the purpose of teaching.

Some good features of this platform include, tracking progress, lessons, notes, online rooms etc.

It also tracks time and lets you save reading material in Google Drive.

Other than that, the engagement boost between both students and teachers is incredible with this application.


As we have a lot of proper learning app that is dedicated just towards the purpose of online classes, Kahoot is an exception.

As a teacher if you think your students would love some game + learning session then this can be the platform for you.

Kahoot makes learning fun and that is the reason they have transformed knowledge into game to make lessons more interesting.

You should simply enter your readied questions and replies into the site to make a right away playable game.

Your students would then be able to download the Kahoot application to use as a signal to participate on the good times.

Start off with basic assignments on your home screen and view your key details in your Profile region.


Remind makes it simple for educators to speak with students and their parents in real time after the class room.

You can make class declarations, start bunch visits, or contact individuals secretly through the Remind application.

Your messages, which can contain documents, pictures, and connections, can even be converted into in excess of 90 language, making it conceivable to speak with guardians who are non-local English speakers.

Final Words

So, these were the best desktop apps for online learning.

All the applications in this article can benefit both students and teacher in the process of learning.

Plus, all the apps can be downloaded on both your smartphone and laptops too.