11 Best Ethernet Cable for Ps4 Gaming

Best Ethernet Cable for Ps4

Best Ethernet Cable for Ps4 Gaming

Want a fast and stable network for gaming on the PS4 console? Then you should look for the best Ethernet Cable for PS4 online.

Well, you don’t need to spend your precious time in hunting the best ethernet cables because we have already spent hours to narrow down the list of ethernet cables compatible with PlayStation 4.

Just go through this review article and you will get one suitable ethernet cable for sure.

So, let’s get started…

Since the last few years, gaming has become entrenched in the online world, and individuals take it quite seriously.

There is no tolerance for lags, slow connection and other similar issues which can hamper your gameplay.

A fast, reliable and consistent connection is what every player requires, no matter if they are gaming for leisure or professionally.

All this can be achieved with the help of the best PS4 ethernet cable.

On the other that, Wi-Fi has a broad coverage range typically, but it’s less stable and can’t accommodate intense gaming.

It’s well-known that constant use causes it to deteriorate.

Thanks to its fast data processing rates and reliability, a wired network typically delivers the best gaming experience.

When you’re searching for an ethernet cable for games, you’ll find that there are a lot of choices.

You can’t just go out and buy an ethernet cable.

You must choose the right one to reach optimal connection and serious gaming.

Today, we’ll assist you in this pursuit by offering a buying guide that will assist you in choosing the right ethernet cord for gaming.

But, before that let’s have a quick look at best ethernet cables for PS4 –

DbillionDa Cat8 Ethernet Cable4.7

DbillionDa Cat8 Ethernet CableBest Seller

  • $
Buy Now
CableGeeker Cat6 Ethernet Cable4.7

CableGeeker Cat6 Ethernet CableGood Choice

  • $$
Buy Now
MATEIN Cat7 Ethernet Cable4.8

MATEIN Cat7 Ethernet CableGood Choice

  • $$
Buy Now
DEEGO Cat6 Ethernet Cable4.7

DEEGO Cat6 Ethernet CableAmazon’s Choice

  • $$
Buy Now
VANDESAIL Cat7 Network Cable4.7

VANDESAIL Cat7 Network CableAmazon’s Choice

  • $
Buy Now
ShineKee Heavy-Duty Cat7 Networking Cord4.7

ShineKee Heavy-Duty Cat7 Networking CordGood Choice

  • $$
Buy Now
UGREEN Cat 7 Ethernet Cable4.7

UGREEN Cat 7 Ethernet CableAmazon’s Choice

  • $
Buy Now
Cables Direct Online Snagless Cat5e Ethernet Network Patch Cable4.5

Cables Direct Online Snagless Cat5e Ethernet Network Patch CableGood Choice

  • $$
Buy Now
Jadaol Cat 7 Ethernet Cable4.8

Jadaol Cat 7 Ethernet CableGood Choice

  • $$
Buy Now
Cable Matters 5-Color Combo Snagless Short Cat6 Ethernet Cable4.8

Cable Matters 5-Color Combo Snagless Short Cat6 Ethernet CableAmazon’s Choice

  • $$
Buy Now
Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat7 Network Ethernet Patch Internet Cable4.6

Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat7 Network Ethernet Patch Internet CableGood Choice

  • $$
Buy Now

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Key Features to Consider While Choosing the Ethernet Cable for PS4


You should still consider how much bandwidth it can handle. The speed is strictly proportional to the bandwidth. The greater the bandwidth, the greater the rate that can be supported. Anything over 1 Gbps is a decent choice for gaming applications.


Finding the best Ethernet cable for PS4 from the dozens of alternatives can be a difficult job. As compared to other types of cables, ethernet cables are much quicker and have reduced latency. It’s vital to know that the length of the cable can have an impact on signal strength. As a result, you must try to find a wire as short as possible.


When you need the best ethernet cable for gaming on PS4, it comes in different categories which include, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, etc.

Due to various types, affordability and outstanding compatibility, most home-based PS4 gamers choose cat5 group cords.

Advanced PS4 players who want high-speeds can use Cat6 and Cat7 cables, providing up to 10 Gb/s.

It would be best if you thought about making decisions depending on the category that best fits your needs. Cat6 and Cat7 cords are more costly, but they have more features.


Before it comes to using Ethernet cables for your PS4 gameplay, there are some performance problems to remember.

Evaluate the kinds of connectors that your PS4 game console supports, and only choose compatible cables that would fit with them.

Most PS4 games make a significant error by missing this aspect of the setup, making it difficult to spot the reassuring signs.

Wireless Access Point

Choosing the right cables isn’t enough to ensure a stable PS4 gameplay experience; you still need to pick the right access point to maximise your gameplay efficiency. Ensure you have the correct access point for the work, one that fits the minimum gaming criteria.


Ethernet cables should be protected with suitable materials to increase their usability and secure them from external attacks.

For example, an optimal cable can contain protected twisted copper materials to ensure that the connection speed consistency is improved and maintained. The protected copper materials are equipped with two connectors, one on each end of the wire.

Compactness and Lightweight

Another essential feature to look out for when you think about the perfect ethernet cable is its compactness.

No one would like a hefty cable that can take a lot of space and make your gaming space look untidy.


One of the characteristics that PS4 Ethernet cables should have is versatility. The perfect Ethernet cable should be ready to work with different types of hubs, network adapters, patch panels, and routers in addition to having fast gaming speeds.

Best Ethernet Cable for PS4 Reviews

DbillionDa Cat8 Ethernet Cable

This DbillionDa cable is suggested for dedicated gamers, streamers, and experts who use modern internet technology.

This Cat 8 cable will send 40 Gbps at 2000 MHz bandwidth, which is the highest possible transfer speed used in commercially usable ethernet cables.

This is the perfect choice for players who don’t want to make sacrifices since it comes in lengths up to 100 feet.

This wire has a dense PVC housing and is designed to be buried outside while being anti-corrosive and waterproof.

Thanks to the cable’s UV resistant housing, non-buried outdoor use is also feasible.

This Cat 8 cable covers all the bases in in-home networking thanks to its high speeds and versatility of outdoor and indoor use with lengths up to 100 miles.

Some other DbillionDa Cat8, Ethernet Cable features include Snagless design for easier unplugging, better heat dissipation for PoE application and compatibility with Nintendo switch, ADSL Adapters, Modem, PS3, X-box, Smart TV, NAS, VoIP phones, laptop etc.


  • Weatherproof & UV Resistant
  • Good build quality
  • Excellent speed


  • None

CableGeeker Cat6 Ethernet Cable

If you are under a budget and need the best ethernet cord for your PS4, then this can be the right option for you. This cable supports all the hardware destinations on a Gigabit Local Area Network (LAN) when it comes to compatibility.

Considering the speed factor, you will get up to 250 MHz and 1Gbps high data transferring capacity when gaming, online video, streaming etc.

This cable has a flat design which helps it to avoid detangle and easy storage as well.

Other than that, suitable quality materials are used to make this cable. This includes 100% bare copper wire, and the connectors come with gold-plated contacts, moulded strain-relief boots, and Snagless design.

Another good thing about this cable is that it comes with a lifetime replacement for a worry-free purchase.


  • Affordable
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Average internet speed connections

MATEIN Cat7 Ethernet Cable

With Cat 7 10 Gbps speeds in a flat body configuration and a compact 50 feet of cable, the MATEIN Cat 7 cord hits the perfect balance for ethernet cables.

This cable is suitable for gamers on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, as it offers high-speed connectivity with a sleek black and flat style.

MATEIN recommends this cable for high-definition video streaming, online access, and lag-free play.

This ethernet cable can support speeds up to 10 Gb per second and comes with 20 clips, which is an additional benefit.

The frequency of the ethernet wire we’re talking about is 600 MHz.

The benefit of such bandwidth is that it can be used for printers, VoIP tablets, laptops, and a host of other devices in addition to games.

Due to the increased bandwidth, it can efficiently accommodate up to 10 Gbps without any issue.


  • Excellent compatibility
  • Flat cable design
  • It comes along with 20 clips
  • 600 MHz bandwidth


  • Connector quality could have been better

DEEGO Cat6 Ethernet Cable

DEEGO’s Ethernet cable has good connectivity for a wide range of network equipment. This neat and durable network wire is for you if you need wired connectivity while playing games on PS4 at home or work.

There are eight straight copper touch pins on each end of this cable for outstanding results.

After implementation, the thin cable style removes tangled cords and saves energy.

It is sufficiently flexible to pass across cross-sections such as bars, spinning axes, drawers, etc.

The kit contains 20 cable clips, so you won’t need to buy them individually to keep the cord neat on the ground.

This cable is 50 foot long, which means it is enough for setting up your PS4 gaming set or any other network setup.

When we talk about compatibility, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, Switches, Printers, Routers, and other networking gadgets are all supported. It can be used for any Ethernet system that has an RJ45 port.

For data, speech, and video transferring apps, it allows up to 10 Gbps at 250 Mhz.

This cord complies with RoHS regulations and has been tested for corrosion resistance, low toxicity, and fire resistance.


  • Good build quality
  • Flat design
  • Excellent compatibility


  • None

VANDESAIL Cat7 Network Cable

Next on our list of the best ethernet cable for PS4, we present you VANDESAIL’s high-speed cord. It’s just 2 metres long, and the connectors are gold-plated to stop corrosion, mould formation, and other natural risks that can threaten efficiency and longevity.

This cord is available in a variety of lengths ranging from 1 to 30 metres.

You will use this cable to surf the internet, download videos and music at high speed without having to think about network chaos.

This cable is one of the best and most effective on the market, supporting 1000 MHz bandwidth.

Plus, due to the additional shielding, this cable has an outstanding quality that avoids tangles.

This ensures more excellent protection from intermodulation, noise, and disturbances, both of which can impair signal efficiency.

This Ethernet cable is ideal for use with devices connected, routers, cords, modems, hubs, PS4 patch tables, and other high-performance network devices.

It is made of environment friendly PVC materials, with an aluminium foil-wrapped twisted-pair package and a special full-cover adapter with gold plating.

The adapter ensures excellent signal reception from point to point. The PVC quality material is highly durable and does not quickly crack.


  • Bandwidth of up to 1000MHz
  • Good quality material


  • Not good for outdoor usage

ShineKee Heavy-Duty Cat7 Networking Cord

With the support of this high-quality Ethernet from ShineKee, you will enjoy lag-free gaming on your PS4 gaming console. It has a plug-and-play feature, which means you don’t have to install anything to use it.

It works with a variety of devices, including the PS4, PS3, Xbox, router, modem, switch, hub, printer, PC, laptop, and more.

An RJ45 adapter is located at each end of the cable, ensuring a fast and reliable link at all times.

Four Shielded Twisted Pair is used to provide extra protection and quality as well.

When we talk about the transfer speed, you will get up to 10Gbps High-Speed and bandwidth support of up to 600Mhz.


  • Good speed
  • Durability
  • Compatible


  • None

UGREEN Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

This cord is ideal for connecting your PS4 game system to the rest of your channel’s gadgets. It is universally compatible with network devices such as Nintendo switches, hubs, routers, gaming consoles such as the PS2, PS4, PS3, Xbox, and every other RJ45 port-equipped device.

It has bandwidth support of 600MHz and can transmit data at a speed of up to 10Gbps.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from cable lengths of 3 feet, 6 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet, 30 feet, and 50 feet.

It includes clip protectors to avoid snags when routing cables in your house, workplace, or hotel.

Compared to Cat6 Ethernet cables, the 4 STP copper wires with gold plated RJ45 connectors on both ends provide better quality and security.

This product comes with a one-year warranty and lifetime customer service from the brand.


  • Data transfer speed up to 10Gbps
  • 4 STP (Shielded Twisted Pair)
  • Durability


  • None

Cables Direct Online Snagless Cat5e Ethernet Network Patch Cable

One of the most well-known suppliers of networking mechanisms and wires is Cables Direct Online. This cable from the company can provide uninterrupted, more secure, and continuous connectivity for continuous gaming compared to a wireless connection.

It is compatible with various computers, including PS4, Xbox, PS2, PS3, modems, laptops, routers, hubs, and desktops.

It has a maximum bandwidth of 350MHz and a maximum speed of 1000Mbps.

STP (stranded Twisted Pair) cables with Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) provide a reliably high-quality and secure connection.

There are gold-plated 50-micron RJ45 connectors on both sides of the cable to ensure a safe and quick link across your devices.

The 10 Base-T and 100 Base-T networks function best with this cord.


  • Durable
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Supports bandwidth of 350MHz
  • Maximum speed of 1000 Mbps


  • Can tangle easily

Jadaol Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

This is a robust RJ45 Ethernet cable that outperforms Cat6 and Cat5 cables. The cable has a data bandwidth of up to 600 MHz and a maximum speed of up to 10Gb.

Lower cable models, such as Cat5 and Cat6, are also compatible with the Ethernet cable. The wires’ connectors are protected by micron gold-plated pins.

The limited manufacturer warranty, which also includes a free 90-day full refund benefit, is one of the best features.

You must respond to or send messages to the support team at least 24 hours until the guarantee period expires.

This cable is perfect for connecting devices like routers, patch panels, modems, switches, hubs, and your PS3 or PS4 to the net.

This product comes in a variety of colours, including green, yellow, blue, white, and black.

The cable’s PVC outer jacket adds extra longevity and strength, allowing it to last longer and withstand harsh conditions.


  • Incredible speed
  • Good design
  • Excellent compatibility


  • A bit expensive

Cable Matters 5-Color Combo Snagless Short Cat6 Ethernet Cable

This is the item to use if you’d like a variety of Ethernet cable lengths. Green, white, blue, red, and black is the five different colours available.

The short cables are available in lengths ranging from 1 to 14 feet, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs quickly.

This is a cat6 rated elevated cable made of 24 AWG copper materials for universal communication for all connected wired LAN computers.

This Ethernet cable is compatible with various devices, including VOIP switches, printers, phones, routers, and network video players, to name a few.

The Ethernet cable has a gaming speed of up to 10 Gbs, making it one of the fastest available.

It’s also built to work with Cat5 cable networks in the past. It also outperforms Cat6 in terms of TIA/EIA 568-C compliance.

This item comes with a one-year company’s limited warranty and is also reasonably priced.


  • Up to 10Gbps of data speed
  • Durable and reliable
  • Excellent compatibility


  • Only for indoor use

Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat7 Network Ethernet Patch Internet Cable

The last one on our list of best ethernet cables for PS4 we have, Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat7. Because of its short length, this Ethernet cable is one of the finest on the market right now. This Ethernet port is accessible in a number of lengths, including 3 feet, 10 feet, 14 feet, 25 feet, and 50 feet.

It’s used to link computers and gadgets like the PlayStation 4 to network components in a wired LAN (LAN).

It’s made for a wired home and office network, but it can also be used for PS4 games both indoors and out.

This Ethernet cable is capable of transmitting data at 1 Gigabit per second and comes with a one-year extended warranty to ensure its consistency.

 It’s programmed to operate with any computer that’s compliant with it, including routers, scanners, servers, and transfer boxes.

This Cat6 cable has more excellent propagation stability than Cat5 and Cat5e cables. The cable’s lines are gold-plated.

The gold plating ensures a rust-free cable that can last for years even though used regularly.

Even though it is rated for both outdoor and indoor use, it can be affected by inclement weather.


  • Short wire
  • Corrosion-free
  • Generates no noise while gaming


  • Less bandwidth of 250 MHz
Is PS4 better with Ethernet cable?

In a nutshell, a wired link to your PS4 is well worth the investment. While an Ethernet connection will offer higher speed than a wireless connection on occasion, the most significant benefit it can provide is reliability.

Is Cat 7 Ethernet cable good for gaming?

The cat 7 cord delivers remarkable performance of up to 600MHz and up to 10 gigabytes of maximum speed.

Is Ethernet faster than Wi-Fi?

Yes, an ethernet connection is faster than Wi-Fi.

Which is better flat or round Ethernet cable?

To be honest, both does the job pretty well. Flat cables are less durable but it tangles less.

Now It’s Time to Buy One

Evaluate the preferences and the cable specs to get the most out of your PS4 system.

It will assist you in choosing the necessary cable for your gaming needs.

All of the PS4 ethernet cords listed in this article have been thoroughly checked and approved for use with the PlayStation 4 Console. As a result, you won’t have to go somewhere else for the best Ethernet cable for PS4.

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