(Top8) Best Gaming Headset for Big Heads Reviews

Best Gaming Headset for Big Heads

Best Gaming Headset for Big Heads: Headphone is an important gear for any gamer, video editor and hundreds of other professions.

There are plenty of gaming headsets available in the market but finding the one that perfectly fits your head can be a problematic task.

Players usually spent long duration of time on the computer. So, all the accessories used in this process must be comfortable to wear, otherwise it can cause a painful experience.

Specially if you are one of those with big head, then finding the proper headset can be difficult.

Hence, to help all the gamers with big head out there, this article is especially for you.

In this guide we will reveal some of the best headphones for large heads that will not only boost your gaming skills but also fit seamlessly.

We will have the options of both wireless and wired headsets for you to choose more effectively.

HyperX Cloud II - Gaming Headset4.6

HyperX Cloud II – Gaming HeadsetAmazon’s Choice

  • Wired and Wireless
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HyperX Cloud Stinger4.4

HyperX Cloud StingerAmazon’s Choice

  • Wired
Buy Now
SteelSeries Arctis 7 - Lossless Gaming Headset4.5

SteelSeries Arctis 7 – Lossless Gaming HeadsetGood Choice

  • Wireless
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Logitech G935 DTS4.5

Logitech G935 DTSAmazon’s Choice

  • Wireless
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HyperX Cloud Alpha4.6

HyperX Cloud AlphaAmazon’s Choice

  • Wired
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Beexcellent GM-14.5

Beexcellent GM-1Good Choice

  • Wired
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ASTRO Gaming A40 TR X-Edition Headset4.6

ASTRO Gaming A40 TR X-Edition HeadsetAmazon’s Choice

  • Wired
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Turtle Beach Stealth 600 White Surround Sound Gaming Headset4.6

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 White Surround Sound Gaming HeadsetGood Choice

  • Wireless
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How to Choose the Best Gaming Headset for Big Head?

There are some crucial elements that you must keep in mind before purchasing a headset for big heads.

Our main focus is that none of your hard-earned money be wasted on features that you wouldn’t require on a headset.

Headset Compatibility

Frequently, clients purchase headset without focusing on their degree of compatibility. Compatibility assumes an indispensable part since, supposing that the headset isn’t viable with the gadgets you own, it is of no utilization.

When purchasing a headset, it is fundamental to note its similarity with different outside sources like MAC, XBOX, PS4, cell phone, etc. You should pick a headset that stumbles into different stages easily.


Next important feature for a gamer’s headset is its comfort level. This is important as the gear is going to be around your head for long duration of time.

That is the reason choosing a comfortable headset is very essential.

A few headsets can be really annoying as they slip off the head over and over again. It tends to be irritating for a player during a game; you need to ensure you get your hands on a movable one.

The inside cushioning and coating materials should be good and it also contributes towards an essential part when we talk about comfort.

Glass Wearing Gamers

Weak eye sight is nothing new and millions of gamers all around the world play with their glasses on.

A lot of times the factor about people wearing glasses while gaming is ignored which can be the reason for discomfort.

There are a number of headsets that come with designs that are very comfortable for glass wearing gamers.

Connection Type

There are different sorts of headphones accessible on the lookout and all work on different components.

At the point when clients are hoping to purchase a desktop, they should try to focus on the connection type.

The first thing you must see is whether the headset is wireless or wired or has a Bluetooth function.

It is explicitly fundamental since it helps a client in assessing whether a headset will work for their ideal stage or not.

Numerous gadgets, for example, PCs don’t have Bluetooth choices, and assuming you get a headset that has Bluetooth network type, it is pointless.

Sound vs Surround Stereo

The surround stereo system and surround sound are moderately new ideas, yet they are predominant among different individuals because of their broad prominence. These two components assume a fundamental part in improving sound quality.

Surround stereo is a different channel association with both the ears to add character and profundity to the sound.

The Surround stereo is very stunning when you tune in to profound extreme music.

Additionally, an effective way to upgrade the client’s concentration by giving the background noise of the game.

In gaming, it helps in causing a client to feel like they are essential for the game.

Headset Isolation

The headset isolation is a definitive central consideration for most clients if they need to get it or not. Assuming you are purchasing a headset to mess around, you require a headset that fits consummately. It is vital to search for a headset that has a valuable seal around the head.

Search for froth and inward material, just as the grasp they give. A free or sick-fitted headset can cause a great deal of aggravation and animosity during serious games.

Build Quality

The foundation nature of a headset assumes a fundamental part in choosing whether or not a headset is good enough to put your money on.

The headphone ought to be constructed utilizing incomparable quality material, which a client can see it just by taking a look.

The headset ought to be two fold cushioned to frame tight yet agreeable ear cushions for more extended use.

There are numerous modest headsets in the market made with inferior quality plastic.

Those can cause a great deal of difficulty for the client; henceforth, it is important to put money into quality items that will last more than expected.

Best Gaming Headset for Big Heads Reviews

HyperX Cloud II

The first option in our list of gaming headset for big heads is Hyper X Cloud II headphone. It comes with next generation features that provides an amazing experience to gamers.

Comfort is a typical component taking over HyperX products and this pair of earphones isn’t an exception.

The earpads are made of adaptable padding pads for most extreme comfort especially while gaming.

When we talk about compatibility, it can be used with PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and cell phones as well.

Nonetheless, 7.1 surround sound is accessible just on PC and Mac, plus, on other remaining devices, Stereo sound is accessible.

In any case, the HyperX Cloud II gaming headset drops all the latent commotion adequately, and the ear cup plan of the headsets overwhelms the ear impeccably.

The strong and solid aluminum body of the headset goes on for more than an ordinary headset life.

It is also ideal for day-to-day use, it is sturdy, and its sound quality doesn’t go fade away rapidly.

The amazing headset and mouthpiece are equipped for solid sound conveyance.

The headset has an aluminium outline which makes it strong and the durable form makes it appropriate for rough use.


  • Comfortable
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Durable
  • Lightweight body


  • Short wire

HyperX Cloud Stinger

If you are looking for superior quality along with full comfort then HyperX Cloud Stinger is your deal. We know the problem you face while being comfortable in wearing a headset in large heads, but this gear is appropriate for your comfort.

The principal highlight is about the ear cups as they can rotate up to 90 degrees.

This gives you amazing ease and lounges around your neck as well. The headset weighs 275 grams, and one of the lightest options in our list.

Weight matters since utilizing weighty earphones for extended periods can get difficult and even lead to health problems.

The headset has 50mm drivers which are put corresponding to the ear.

This empowers the sound to enter directly into the ear, plus one can encounter stunning sound quality as well.

The headset is made of strong steel and the slides can be acclimated to suit the size of your head. The metal slider is dependable and will last for long duration of time.


  • Good pricing
  • Noise cancellation
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight frame


  • Mic monitoring is not built-in

SteelSeries Arctis 7 – Lossless Gaming Headset

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 headset is an astounding electronic gadget that effectively adds to the client’s listening experience. The earphone has a solid viewpoint and bad-to-the-bone quality, which permits rough usage without it breaking.

It is a lossless wire innovation that accompanies a separable wire for added uphold.

SteelSeries Arctis 7 accompanies flexible steel external, which can be moved effectively to change it as indicated by your head size.

The earphone has cushioned ear cushions and the external head bar to furnish the gamers with a loosening up encounter.

Next, comes the noise cancellation technology that literally removes outside sounds to set up a reasonable and sharp sound quality.

It is a good thing when you wish to be indulged into music or gaming and forget about the outside commotion.

The 360-precision sound is an innovation which is assessing the audio effect and improves its dull quality.

The sound quality is of a video, and gaming is twisted and isn’t smoothed out with a headset.

You will also get affectability controls that are successful in expanding and bringing down the sound recurrence.

When we talk about its battery life, it is more than normal headsets; which means you can use it for 24-hours consistently, which is legitimate for long gaming hours.

This headset functions admirably with different devices like PC, switch, MacBook and so on.


  • Good battery life
  • RGB with beautiful design
  • Sound quality is good
  • Wireless connectivity


  • A tad expensive

Logitech G935 Wireless DTS

Next in our list of best headphones for big heads comes Logitech G935, which is aimed to provide you with the best possible hearing experience.

It comes with effective noise cancellation technology which allows you to remove all kinds of external sounds.

It is a good feature if you are into intense gaming and want nothing but the game sounds touching your ears.

You can connect this headsets Bluetooth without any trouble and the wireless device will allow you to get good sound quality is long range as well.

From the official website of Logitech, you can also get hold of some other customizable features.

This headset is totally cushioned with thick froth to make it easily wearable for gamers with big heads.

It has an astonishing texture lining applied to feel great against the human ear and not aggravating.

The two-fold cushioned ear cushions advance comfort, which makes it perfect for long gaming hours.

The wireless reach that works better when you are inside, plus it has a 12-hour battery life and a protected charging system for quick battery re-energize.


  • Good sound quality
  • Comfortable for big heads
  • Wireless connectivity is great


  • Expensive

HyperX Cloud Alpha

Next, we are going to discuss about HyperX Cloud Alpha Pc gaming headset. It comes with dual chamber drivers which helps is less distraction of the outside noise. These headsets are quite well known for the comfort and will perfectly fit on your big head.

One of the top elements in this headset is the comfortable adaptive padding ear pads encompassed by extra breathable leatherette, all on a sturdy and lightweight aluminium outline.

Utilize this headset if you are a PC or PS4 gamer. Remember that Hyper Gaming makes headsets for each kind of gamer, including PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, and even versatile gamers as well.

However, you will also get prevalent sound and customization like double chamber drivers and separable noise-cancelling microphone and link.

Take your gaming to another level with extraordinary earphones that offer something other than sound yet in addition a moderate cost for what you get.


  • Comfort
  • Perfect for big head
  • Detachable noise cancellation microphone


  • None

Beexcellent GM-1 Gaming Headset

The Beexcellent gaming headset is explicitly intended to advance variety in headset size. The Beexcellent earphones are planned with mindfulness to improve the working system of the conventional earphone.

They fit totally even on somebody with a greater head and advances comfort while playing a game.

The auto-tune setting of different headsets upsets the sound of music or gaming.

In any case, the Beexcellent headset works in synchronization with the music, and it advances great sound-quality.

It has an adaptable commotion scratch-off mic while just conveys credible sound quality without truly going through background noise.

The auto-sensor inside the earphones is perfect as they perceive the passive noise and just convey the immediate sound to expand lucidity.

It is light-weight, which is the reason it is customizable and can be worn for quite a long time without feeling troubled.

Its 120-degree adaptable plan permits it to be bowed without breaking or having a scratch. It weighs 0.9 pounds, so it is so agreeable to wear and worn for quite a long time without tiring the client.


  • Good features in low price
  • Sleek and lightweight
  • Noise cancellation feature


  • Built quality is not great

ASTRO Gaming A40 TR X-Edition Headset

Next in our list we have ASTRO Gaming A40 TR X-Edition headset which can be the perfect size for your big head. It comes with premium high-quality materials that provide utmost comfort while you are gaming for long duration of time.

The headset is lightweight, strong and it is highly adjustable as well. You will also get a removable microphone with ASTRO A40 TR X-edition.

This removable mic provides high quality voice communication and also reduces background noise.

If you wish to personalized your headset then its magnetic speaker tag can help you in that.

Other than that, it is totally compatible with Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch.


  • Comfortable
  • Good build quality
  • Removable mic


  • None

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 White Surround Sound Gaming Headset

The earphones are of differing sorts, and Turtle Beach Stealth 600 headset is quite possibly the most astonishing ones. The staggering element of this headset is that it is remarkably compatible with a wide range of gadgets.

This earphone functions admirably for gaming just as tuning in to music.

This earphone is mystical as it adds life to the game and a film as it makes the sound the sound quality extremely nice.

The sound of these earphones is immersing, and it causes the client to accept that they are inside the situation.

This headset has amazingly excellent sound, which advances sound viability. These earphones are spectacular for any individual who needs to purchase the earphones, and they use glasses.

The extra cushioned plan permits it to sit serenely on a person’s ear. It has a long battery life, which will allow you to wear it throughout the day.


  • Good battery life
  • Good for gamers that wear glasses
  • Sound quality is great


  • Mic is average
What is the best brand for gaming headsets?

All the handsets in this article are totally appropriate for gaming. From HyperX Cloud II to Turtle Beach Stealth 600, all the options are great.

What gaming headsets do the pros use?

HyperX cloud II and SteelSeries Arctis can be good for professional use.

What are the best cheap gaming headsets for big heads?

Logitech, Turtle Beach can be the best cheap gaming headsets for big heads.

How long will good headsets last?

A good headset can last for years when taken care of properly.

Wrapping Up…

Finding the best product that will provide you with full utility can be quite difficult, but don’t worry.

This detailed guide will provide you with full information regarding the best gaming headset for big heads. Note all the essential factors that will make your buying process much easier and get you a headset that totally fulfils your demands.

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