(Top10) Best Ham Radio for Survival in the Wild

This detailed review guide will introduce you to ten best ham radio which are portable and easy to carry on adventure trips. Carrying this communication device will double your chances of survival even in life threatening situations.

Even after the rise of internet, the use of handheld portable ham radios still exists. Plus, when we talk about survival techniques, this mode of communication can be very effective.

Though the idea of owning a ham radio in the digital era can be confusing as there are number of options available in the market, but we will help you with that in this detailed guide.

Let’s get started the hunt for best handheld ham radio for survival in the wild…

What is Ham Radio?

Ham radio also known as amateur radio is used for non-commercial exchange of message. This includes wireless experimentation, emergency communication, private recreation and much more.

You can use this device to communicate with far off or nearby people.

Plus, ham radios are not depended upon internet or cell phones so if you are going to a place where network is very weak and communication is a task then carrying this piece of device can come very handy.

Specially in emergency situation or when traveling to remote forest terrain, this device can really be helpful and very effective in survival. Whenever it comes to survival gadgets, you can also consider these best satellite phones for backpacking and other adventure trips.

One of the good characteristics of a ham radio includes its portability. You can easily carry this device without any trouble as there are plenty of portable ham radio options available in the market.

Ham Radios Popular Among Survivalists

Ever wondered why this piece of device is very popular among survivalist?

People who likes to live off the grid are tend to face emergency situations.

In such times, a mobile ham radio can be helpful in maintaining communication.

You can simply make your own transmissions with this device and listen to the broadcasts of others.

Though an FCC license is required in order to speak on ham radio and this license will not only give you legality but it will let you to join a huge network of radio clubs.

How to Get a Ham Radio License?

You’ll have to persuade an authorization first in order to work a ham radio legitimately.

In the test you must cover information in gadgets hypothesis, novice radio guidelines, and other regulations.

There are three kinds of licenses accessible,


This license is ideal for those simply beginning with their ham radio interest.

The specialist test incorporates 35 inquiries and will cover essential ham radio guidelines, security, and fundamental hardware theory.

When complete, you’ll be authorized for conveying in the VHF, UHF, and microwave recurrence groups.


With a General permit, you’ll open the entirety of the benefits of the Technician permit in addition to the capacity to discuss on frequencies in the High Frequency (HF) band.


In this license you will have more than 700 inquiries and will take some genuine contemplating.

In the event that you finish this assessment, you’ll get the entirety of the benefits of both the Technician and General License in addition to admittance to restrictive sub-groups.

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Best Handheld Ham Radio for Beginners

Let us now review 10 best handheld (portable) ham radios for survival.

All the options are tested specially for you with regards with best survival features.

ICOM 2300H 05 144MHz Amateur Radio

ICOM 2300H 05 144MHz Amateur Radio

The first in our list of mobile ham radios comes ICOM 2300H 05 144MHz.

You will get flexibility along with portability with this reliable device of communication.

Output of this radio is 65W and has 207 alpha-numeric memory channels.

It offers different ideals to compensate for being VHF-as it were.

Initially, it’s worked to consent to MIL-STD-810G particulars; that is, astounding strength.

It’s likewise simple to program; at any rate one client has expressed he’s made contact five minutes in the wake of unpacking.

If it’s all the same to you being confined to VHF, the 2300H will work well for you.

Other than that, it is very easy to program and use, plus the toughness qualities of this portable device is amazing.

If you are planning to travel into rough terrain then this can be the ultimate gadget for you.

Yaesu Ft-8900R Quad Band Hi Power FM Ham Radio

Yaesu Ft-8900R Quad Band Hi Power FM Ham Radio

The brand Yaesu has a good name and has been manufacturing portable ham radio since a long time. This amateur radio transmits 50 watts on the 29/50/144 MHz Amateur bands.

Plus, it also provides 35 Watts on the 430 MHz band, and has amazing edge features too.

These topographies include dual receive, VHF-UHF full duplex capability, cross-band repeat and more than 800 memory channels.

Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System is present at the front panel of the radio.

Now don’t worry if you are worried about using this radio in the dark as it has backlit keypad.

Another good feature of this device includes, its toughness. Yes, if you are going to extreme terrains then don’t worry about the rigidness of this device as it is capable of taking that.

Cross-Band Repeat features is also present in the radio for emergency work, or to extend the range of a hand-held unit.

VFO tracking and scanning mode is also present in this ham radio which will let you avoid the hassle of manually finding channels.

Kenwood Original TM-V71A 144/440 MHz Dual-Band Amateur Mobile Transceiver 50 Watts

Kenwood Original Dual-Band Amateur Mobile Transceiver 50 Watts

This dual band handheld portable radio provides amazing performance on 2 meters and 440 MHz.

5/10/50 watts on both bands is the power level plus it has a good display as well.

The buttons on this ham radio are big enough for you to easily use them.

Both receive and transmit audio of this ham radio is good, plus it has 1,000 multifunction memory channels.

This will let you to change the channels without manually finding it.

You will also get an Automatic Dialer or EchoLink memory along with EchoLink sysop mode for node terminal Operation.

Overall, the V71A is a decent radio and will totally be helpful in emergency and survival situations.

President Lincoln II Plus 10 and 12 Meter Ham Radio

President Lincoln II Plus 10 and 12 Meter Ham Radio

With 6-pin wireless microphone compatibility and 50 Watts power output, the President Lincoln II Plus is a good option when we talk about best ham radio.

This portable ham radio has a good slim design and it has the capability to change background display colours.

The frequency cover range is just great with 12 meters and comes with rotary switch and Up/down channel selector.

Other than that, President Lincoln II Plus has VFO Mode with continuous scanning.

Another nice thing about this ham radio includes Automatic Squelch Control, which consequently removes unwanted noise when the suppress control is right down.

On the off chance that you move the control up it impairs the ASC and considers manual suppress change.

Xiegu G90 HF Amateur Radio Transceiver 20W

Xiegu G90 HF Amateur Radio Transceiver 20W

The G90 is the main model of the new Xiegu G-arrangement. It’s a versatile 20W HF 10-160 meter.

This multimode handset utilizes 24-bit computerized design.

It additionally incorporates an inward programmed reception apparatus tuner.

The Xiegu G90 has superb transmit and receive performance. It packs tremendous execution into a little versatile bundle.

The G90 has a removable presentation head that can be isolated from the principle body and associated through a DB-9 link (furnished with the radio).

Both the radio’s control heads firmware and primary body working firmware can be client refreshed utilizing separate connectors on the head and body.

Other than that, this ham radio has amazing LCD screen which is totally visible in the daylight also.

It comes with a standard 3.5mm stereo jack (3-pin) which can be used in connecting earphones.

Some other features include, built-in wide-range automatic antenna tuner, ±24k bandwidth Fast-scan spectrum display with waterfall and Fully adjustable RX bandpass filters (CW mode down to 50Hz).

QYT KT-8900D Dual Band Mini Car Ham Radio

QYT KT-8900D Dual Band Mini Car Ham Radio

One of the best options when we talk about best handheld ham radio for survival, the QYT KT-8900D is an appropriate choice.

This mini mobile transceiver car radio comes with Quad-monitor which can be used to choose VFO or memory lines.

Frequency range of this portable radio is 136 – 174 MHz, 400 – 480 MHz and the output power is VHF 25Watt, UHF 20Watt.

Other things include, cooling fan, a decent LCD screen and easy to install software which supports CHIRP or MIKLOR.

The looks of this ham radio are rigid and can be used easily for long distance communication as well.

If you are looking for the best mobile ham radio that is very compact then this can be the deal for you.

QYT KT-8900 Mini Dual Band Mobile Transceiver

QYT KT-8900 Mini Dual Band Mobile Transceiver

A compact model of QYT KT-8900, this handheld radio is one of the great options when we talk about mobile ham radios.

Frequency range of this radio is 136 – 174 MHz, 400 – 480 MHz, 65 – 108 MHz with 13.8 voltage.

The output range is 25-watt and comes with dual watch plus dual band.

You will also get 200 memory channels with this ham radio along with CHIRP software.

You can easily install this compact and lightweight device in your car as well.

Due to LCD screen and microphone keypad you will be able to easily operate this device.

Overall, this device can be considered a good option for people looking for best ham radio for beginners.

LEIXEN LX VV-898 Dual Band VHF/UHF Two Way Radio

LEIXEN LX VV-898 Dual Band VHF/UHF Two Way Radio

An extremely compact dual band UHF/VHF mobile radio which has a frequency range of 400 – 470 MHz, 136 – 174 MHz.

This ham radio has 199 memory channels with channel scanning and dual watch.

Other than that, it also has DTMF, CTCSS/DCS encode/decode and 1750 Hz burst tone.

The front panel of this portable radio has backlit lights with LCD display.

Plus, with the help of 400mW speaker, you will be able to hear everything clearly.

Though this radio is quite small in size but it is totally capable of transmission, reception and overall sound.

You will get DTMF hand microphone, hanger, USB programming cable and a manual when you purchase this product.

TYT TH-7800 50W VHF/UHF Dual Band Car Truck Ham Radio

TYT TH-7800 50W VHF/UHF Dual Band Car Truck Ham Radio

The performance of this portable ham radio is totally an all rounder and comes with the frequency range of 144 – 148 MHz, 134 – 174 MHz.

The output power for 144MHz is 50W and the output power of 430MHz is 40W.

When we talk about memory channels this ham radio has 800 along with 8 groups of Voice Scrambler option.

You will also get detachable front panels with this dual band car ham radio.

The audio quality is also great plus easy to program functions makes this ham radio the right choice for beginners.

Other than this, this radio is built with good quality and can easily withstand extreme weathers conditions too.

President Richard 10 Meter Ham Radio, 50W PEP

President Richard 10 Meter Ham Radio, 50W PEP

With a frequency range of 28.000 MHz to 29.700 MHz, the President Richard ham radio is a good choice.

This device comes with multi-function LCD display along with frequencies display; S-meter.

You will also get volume adjust button, AM/FM mode change button, a rotary switch channel selector and digital SWR.

It also comes with a front microphone plug, external loudspeaker jack and a USB charging socket.

The radio also has backlit option which will help you to operate the device in the dark.

Overall, a good choice when we talk about best ham radio for beginners.

FAQs Related to Ham Radio

How far can a handheld ham radio transmit?

A handheld ham radio can transmit around 1-2 miles. Ham radio repeaters are what could be compared to cell phone towers.

They get a sign from somewhere close by and rebroadcast it into the more noteworthy organization, ordinarily with more force and lucidity, so it can travel farther.

Do ham radios work without electricity?

You need power to operate ham radios, if you run out of power then batteries can be used as a backup option.

What does DMR stand for in ham radio?

DRM stands for Digital Mobile radio. It is an internal name that is used to describe two-ways radios.

What kind of antenna do I need for ham radio?

A dual band VHF/UHF antenna will be required to cover 2m and 70cm.

Final Words

As we already know that radio waves are not depended on cables, satellites, or anything else, it simple requires a power source and you will be good to go.

Due to this independent nature, ham radios are one of the best options for people living off the edge.

Not only this, it will allow you to communicate but will also provide some source of entertainment.

So, take your time and choose best ham radio from our detailed guide. Understand what you actually need and its uses then make a definite decision with the help of our article.