9 Best Headphones for Music Production Artists

Best Headphones for Music Production

Best Headphones for Music Production: Recordings, editing, and mastering are an essential part of music production, and thus studio headphones are a piece of must-have listening equipment.

What kind of headphones are best for music production? Any headphone made to deliver excellent sound isolation, flat frequency, accuracy, comfort, durability, and low impedance is great for sound engineers and musicians.

There is, nevertheless, a specific distinction between regular and studio headphones.

Commercial headphones, on the other hand, emphasize frequencies like treble and bass. As a result, they do not provide a fair indication of the audio signal, but it is a good deal for generic use.

Studio headphones provide flat frequency response and a clear sound, making them more precise.

They also have a high impedance, which necessitates using a headphone amplifier for optimal sound quality. It will enhance the quality of your music and help you to hear more details.

It would be best to have more sophisticated headphones for genuine artists producing or making – and more crucially mixing – music. You wouldn’t want any tones to be under-or heavily represented.


If you can get your work to sound good and harmonized on studio headphones, it will “translate” effectively to laptop speakers, inexpensive earbuds, car radios, and so on.

Best Headphones for Music Production Reviews

BRAINWAVZ HM5 Studio Monitor Headphones

The Brainwavz HM5 Studio monitor headsets offer accurate and precise audio while maintaining a pristine and neutral sound characteristic.

Unlike most other headphones, the HM5 do not colour your music unnaturally.

This is a sign of top outstanding audio representation quality. Hear music and conversation exactly as they sounded in the original microphones, with no coloration or distortion.

As standard, the Brainwavz HM5 comes with a high-end carry case. It’s made of tough nylon and has twin zips for easy access, as well as an interior zipped compartment for spares.

The HM5 comes with a 1.3-meter cable for on-the-go use and a 3-meter cable for use at house or in the studio.

Both use a standard 3.5mm connector, and the accessories set also includes a 14” converter.

As standard, the HM5 comes with two sets of big pads. You may effortlessly swap and switch earpads thanks to an easy pad replacement system.

Brainwavz offers a wide choice of aftermarket products in various styles and colors to fit all tastes and scenarios.

Sennheiser HD 598 Special Edition Over-Ear Headphones

The HD 598 Special Edition headphones are an open-back, over-ear, audiophile-grade headset with superb sound quality and excellent user comfort. The cushioned leatherette headband and soft velour-coated ear pads make this quality headphone ideal for long recording sessions.

The Sennheiser HD 598 is a beautiful and premium-looking headset perfect for music recording, mixing, and mastering.

The huge, oval open back ear cups with silver embellishments and an all-black colour pattern.

The ear cups are padded with a suede-like material, contributing to the headphone’s luxurious feel. They also come in an ivory and brown color scheme, which some people may prefer.

The Sennheiser HD 598 headphones are quite comfy.

The cushioning on the huge ear cups is plush and has a suede-like finish pleasing to the touch. They are comfortable to wear around most ears and do not exert too much pressure on the head.

The 598 was not intended to be a portable device. They’re big, and the earcups don’t fold down to save room.

Sennheiser Pro Audio HD 300

The HD 300 PRO’s recently designed acoustic technology allows for balanced, sensitive sound reproduction. Nothing will distract you due to the high level of wearing comfort and effective ambient noise suppression.

When we talk about the best headphones for mixing and mastering, the HD 300 PRO series’ acoustics are meticulously designed to meet the demands of professional use.

 It has a balanced, high-resolution sound due to its linear frequency response.

The HD 300 PRO series delivers a remarkable richness of detail with its highly sensitive transducers and precise diaphragms. It replicates crystal clear and distortion-free even at the highest volumes.

When combined with extremely sensitive transducers, this design ensures strong and error-free performance even at high sound pressure levels.

Then there are the recalculated air volumes in front of the ear. The HD 300 PRO series produces a sound that is remarkably lifelike and three-dimensional.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

The M50x provides an unrivaled experience for the most demanding audio professionals, thanks to its big aperture drivers, sound-isolating earcups, and robust design.

Next on our list of best headphones for music production, we have Audio-Technica ATH-M50X.

They’re a highly regarded, totally immersive, closed-back set of circumaural headphones designed to deliver a superior listening experience.

They include well-designed 45mm drivers with large copper-clad voice coils that improve and maximize performance.

The headset offers a wide frequency response and provides a well-balanced sound. It features a bigger surface area than usual, allowing them to deal with bass frequencies effectively. The device also features good dynamic stability and is great for in-ear monitoring in the studio.

The ear-cups can swivel 90 degrees, making them more comfortable to use and allowing users to monitor with just one ear as needed.

Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Open Studio Headphones

The DT 1990 Pro reference headphones blend years of headset experience with the newest Tesla driver technology in an open-back design.

Thanks to its high-resolution and well-balanced audio, the DT 1990 Pro sets new benchmarks for appearance and craftsmanship.

Like other Beyerdynamic professional studio headphones, this one is produced in Germany. This high-end product is a long-term investment, thanks to its high-quality materials and exquisite construction.

Plus, high-resolution Tesla drivers, along with a unique open-back design, provide wide, vibrant, and exceptionally lifelike sound waves.

The precise sound quality is completed by titanium-coated acoustic material and carefully chosen precision-woven fabrics.

The open-back design allows for organic and extremely spatial sound.

The DT 1990 Pro headphones are a trustworthy reference for mixing and mastering activities and critical listening due to their improved Spatial Sound reproduction.

Due to removable velour ear cushions, you may choose between a well-balanced sound or an analytical sound. To complete this flawless studio headphone bundle, both ear pad variations are provided.

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

The Sony MDR-7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone is a foldable headset with a large-diaphragm suited for recording and live/broadcast purposes.

Next on the list of best headphones for music production, we have Sony MDR7506.

These foldable headphones with a big diaphragm have a sturdy design, a secure, pretty efficient closed-ear layout, and a 40-millimeter driver unit for crisp, precise audio production.

The 40-millimeter drivers produce high-quality sound with a wide frequency response of 10 Hz to 20 kHz and a neodymium magnet for exceptional power management.

For effective tracking, enjoy crystal-clear highs, present mids, and a long low-end.

The MDR-7506 headphones have a closed-ear design that delivers both comfort and excellent noise reduction. The ample headband cushioning simply adds to the comfort.

Even if you’re the singer, the producer, or both, a 9.8-foot coiled cord offers plenty of slack for operating in a studio without detaching the phones.

SENNHEISER HD 599 Open Back Headphone

The HD 599 is a high-end headphone with excellent audio, appearance, and construction. It is a breakthrough into the world of audiophile sound reproduction, incorporating the ‘Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement (E.A.R) design.

This open-back, an around-the-ear headset has a smooth tone balance and excellent spatial accuracy.

Aluminum voice coils are used in Sennheiser designed transducers, resulting in high efficiency, superb dynamics, and extraordinarily low noise.

The HD 599 equipped with 2 removable cables: a 3m wire with a 6.3mm jack for connecting to a home entertainment system and a shorter 1.2m wire with a 3.5mm port for connecting to phones, tablets, and laptops.

With lush velour covering ear cushions and a cushioned headband, this light yet durable design provides outstanding wearing comfort for long recording sessions.

Need more options, check out some of the best open back headphones.

Audio-Technica ATH-A990Z Art Monitor Closed-Back Headphones

The ATH-A990Z Art Monitor closed-back dynamic headphones produce Hi-Res Audio reproduction thanks to patented large-aperture 53 mm speakers with OFC bobbin-wound voice coils.

When we talk about the best headphones for music production, Audio-Technica stands out.

It delivers superior transient responsiveness and better airflow for accurate diaphragm motion, the drivers’ incorporated yoke, and top-mounted PCB contribute to the high-resolution quality.

The audiophile housings are made of lightweight aluminum and feature Audio-Double Technica’s Air Damping System (D.A.D.S) for deep bass performance.

The headphones’ soft, premium-grade earpads ensure a fantastic, proper grip, thanks to A-upgraded T’s 3D wing support system.

You will also get a 3.0m cloth-wrapped tangle-free cable with this headset.

Fostex RP Diaphragm Stereo Headphones

The Model T60RP Stereo Headphones from Fostex are the latest in a long line of RP diaphragm headsets that dates back to the 1970s. The new T60RP features Fostex’s proprietary Regular Phase (RP) technology diaphragms for supreme monitoring precision.

Next, we have Fostex RP Diaphragm Stereo Headphones (T60RP) which is made up of polyimide film with copper foil etching.

It has a beautiful African Mahogany casing that contributes to lending depth to the exquisite sound of the RP diaphragm.

Headphone amps help you achieve clear audio reproduction with noise-free, high separation; detachable connector offers unbalanced connection and stable connection.

You will also get OFC cables, both standard and optional, that gives superb resolution and fast sound over the whole frequency range.

Genuine leather head pads and around-the-ear ear pads provide a comfortable fit and reduce fatigue.

Types of Studio Headphones for Music Production

1. Open-Back Headphones

Large, vented, or mesh-covered earcups in open-back headphones allow sound and air to move freely. This structure avoids pressure from accumulating and degrading audio quality. In comparison to closed-back speakers, the sound stage is also more open, spacious, and realistic.

2. Closed-Back Headphones

Large, over-the-ear earpads on closed-back headphones provide total isolation. They keep sounds from seeping into a mic while it’s being recorded. They also help to block out undesired external sounds from the surroundings. It’s simpler to discern intricacies in music when you’re listening alone, that too in low volume.

3. Semi-open Headphones

Semi-open headphones are a good middle ground between open and closed headphones. They provide adequate airflow to minimize frequency accumulation while still allowing for necessary listening isolation. They have the same open-back sound stage and transparency as open-backs, but with an emphasis on closed-backs.

How to Choose Headphones for Music Production: Buyer’s Guide

Mixing, Recording or Both?

Your planned usage of the headphones, as well as your level of expertise, tie it all together. If you generate electronic music on your computer and travel frequently, sensitive open-back headphones aren’t for you. It would be best if you are looking for a good, long-lasting pair of closed-back ones.

Open-back headphones might be a wonderful choice if you have a beautiful, peaceful home studio and concentrate on finalizing your mixes late at night and can’t use speakers for fear of waking up your housemates.

In an ideal world, you’d have a good pair of closed-back headphones for creating and recording, an open-back pair for mixing, and a few more sets to test your tracks on. Nevertheless, owning so many headphones is not only expensive but also inconvenient. Determine what is most significant to you and select your choices based on that.

Frequency Response

We’ll stay with the straightforward description because you could read entire volumes on audio frequency.

Hertz is a unit of frequency measurement (Hz). People can hear frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

Every headphone promotes its frequency response, which is the functional spectrum of bass, treble, and mids that it can deliver.

Some headphones feature a frequency response that exceeds the range of human hearing (5 to 35,000 Hz, for example). This does not improve the sound quality.


The convenience of a headphone is crucial, regardless of how you think about the other factors. You won’t concentrate, get in the groove, or fully enjoy your music-making if a headset feels like a skull vice after 30 minutes.

How do I Choose Headphones for Music Production?

With the help of our buyer’s guide, you will be able to choose the best headphones for music production. In a gist, you must consider the type of headphones you want (open, closed or semi-open). Also, take note of its frequency response and comfort.

What Headphones do EDM Producers Use?

This can depend, but Audio Technica ATH-M50x (or ATH-M50xBT) is quite famous amongst EDM producers.

Should I Get Open Back or Closed-Back Headphones?

Closed-back headphones are recommended for noisy areas. Open-back headphones are a terrific option if you like to hear what’s going on around you while hearing. So, make the choice accordingly.

Should I Buy Studio Headphones?

If you are into music production or want to take out the flaws in music then you should definitely buy studio headphones.

Final Words

So, above was everything about the Best Headphones for Music Production artists, sound engineers, and musicians.

With the right headset, you will listen to music clearly, but it will also help you pick even minor disturbances in your track so that you can fix it and make your music good.

So pick one for you from the above list and start creating great music tracks.

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