(Top8) Best PS4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter Reviews

Best PS4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter

Best PS4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter: All players believe that choosing a keyboard and mouse over a joystick gives you a significant advantage.

Since you can be much more accurate with a mouse than you can with a joystick, plus you can click a lot more buttons with a keyboard.

When it comes to strategy gaming, quick reflexes, pinpoint precision, and excellent coordination are essential. As a result, switching to a mouse and keyboard is important to think about.

A mouse and keyboard would not automatically improve your performance. It won’t, but it will provide you with the ability and potential to become a better gamer.

Using a mouse and keyboard is one of, if not the only, steps most people are taking because they choose to take gaming seriously.

However, plugging in your keyboard and mouse may not be as easy, as certain games do not accommodate them, and your console may not even allow a keyboard and mouse setup.

As a result, we’re on the lookout for the best ps4 keyboard and mouse adapter.

Here’s the quick look at products we have reviewed in this post –

XIM APEX Keyboard Mouse Controller Adapter4.3

XIM APEX Keyboard Mouse Controller AdapterGood Choice

  • $$$
Buy Now
IOGEAR KeyMander Keyboard and Mouse Adapter3.8

IOGEAR KeyMander Keyboard and Mouse AdapterGood Choice

  • $$
Buy Now
Xim 4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter4.2

Xim 4 Keyboard and Mouse AdapterGood Choice

  • $$$
Buy Now
ZJFKSDYX C91 Keyboard & Mouse Converter Adapter3.4

ZJFKSDYX C91 Keyboard & Mouse Converter AdapterGood Choice

  • $$
Buy Now
IFYOO KMAX1 Pro Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set Adapter4.0

IFYOO KMAX1 Pro Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set AdapterGood Choice

  • $$
Buy Now
Titan Two Games Console Cross-Platform Controller Converter and Adapter4.1

Titan Two Games Console Cross-Platform Controller Converter and AdapterGood Choice

  • $$$
Buy Now
KX Keyboard Mouse Converter and Adapter3.9

KX Keyboard Mouse Converter and AdapterGood Choice

  • $$
Buy Now
GameSir Wireless Controller Adapter4.1

GameSir Wireless Controller AdapterGood Choice

  • $$$
Buy Now

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How to Choose the Perfect PS4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter?

When shopping for the perfect PS4 mouse and keyboard adapter, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure the one you pick is the best fit for your needs.

Heading into a transaction without the necessary information could result in a purchase that is overpriced and inappropriate for your needs.

As a result, we’ve summarised the most important things to remember when purchasing a PS4 mouse and keyboard adapter below.

Compatibility of Consoles

Console support is one of the first (and most obvious) aspects to remember when purchasing a adapter for keyboard and mouse. Although this guide focuses on PS4 keyboard and mouse adapters, the majority of what we suggest is compatible with a variety of other devices too. For Nintendo Switch, check out these best ethernet adapters.

Nevertheless, there are less expensive options on the market that don’t deliver almost as much flexibility and only support a few consoles. It’s important to note that adapters for older consoles, tablets, and even the Nintendo Switch can be difficult to come by.

Fortunately, the vendor typically specifies which consoles it is compatible with, so it’s impossible that you’ll choose one that isn’t compatible with the one you use.

Compatibility on the Periphery

After that, there’s peripheral compatibility to consider. Either of two thoughts comes to mind as I say that.

To begin, make sure the adapter has more than enough ports for your mouse and keyboard – this goes without saying.

Second, and even more critically, consider whether you want to use headphones, a joystick, and RGB mousepads in your setup.

Although there aren’t many who provide this service, there are a few adapters that can satisfy your needs.

You won’t be short if you search the connector for peripheral support and usable USB slots before purchasing it.

Build Quality and Cost

It’s a smart idea to do some homework before making any investment to ensure that the quality meets your expectations.

Even if a PS4 keyboard and mouse adapter isn’t very expensive, needing to repair it on a regular basis is inconvenient and wastes resources that could be spending elsewhere.

What we’ve recommended in this guide has been tested and proven for accuracy and quality. We’ve double-checked that these adaptors meet industry expectations so you don’t waste your time or resources.

If you don’t want to go through what we’ve said and just plan to browse around, make sure the content is appropriate.

This will cover both the components used and the architecture.

Support for Wireless

Wireless peripherals are very common nowadays. It’s understandable, given how appealing it can be, how much easier it is to navigate, and the fact that you won’t be stumbling over all the cords.

If you have a lot of wireless peripherals, this is a huge deal. Finding out that your device doesn’t allow a wireless mouse and keyboard will be a major irritation.

Worse, the wireless it provides is utter garbage – it works like WIFI but takes 30 minutes to load.

Although providing wireless peripherals is convenient, you can need to pay a little more. To make the matter worse, finding a wireless-capable adapter may be difficult.

Check the Reviews

When You buy something, the first thing I do is read the ratings and do a simple Google search to see what other people have to say about it.

As you would imagine, users are normally more truthful than manufacturers. If you’re reading this, you’ve already made significant progress on the quest for a PS4 keyboard and mouse converter.

These days, the popularity of a good is determined by its ratings.

Best PS4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter Reviews


The XIM Apex, which is sometimes referred to as the best gaming adapter for consoles, provides genuine 1-to-1 gaming performance and an incredibly user-friendly interface. This device not only performs well, but it also has a fantastic build quality and a slew of other intriguing functions.

The XIM APEX is without a doubt our top pick for a ps4 keyboard and mouse adapter.

By no way is setting up the adapter difficult. All you have to do is plug the connector into your controller and attach up to three computers of your choosing.

You have the cool function of being able to change profiles from a smartphone or a related gadget over a wireless network.

You can do this by using the XIM APEX manager, which allows you to backup profiles and adjust settings.

If you’re hunting for the good quality PS4 mouse and keyboard adapter, then we highly recommend this one.

IOGEAR KeyMander

This keyboard and mouse adapter’s construction quality is unrivalled, with a fully aluminium case that is extremely rugged and has passed several reliability checks. It has three USB type-A slots, one for a mouse, one for a keyboard, and one for a gamepad. Both of your peripheral devices should be wired into the connector for it to function properly.

Second place in the bests PS4 keyboard and mouse adapter goes to IOGEAR KeyMander.

It has a simple, long-lasting nature and is reasonably priced. Like the other adapters listed in this guide, this one can be used on a variety of common consoles.

The disadvantage of having a PS4 keyboard and mouse converter is that you’ll have a lot of wires. You’ll need a power cord – that’s self-evident, right? It would still need to be connected to the console. The few additional wires, on the other hand, may not be very attractive, but they are well worth the improvement in ability that a keyboard and mouse can provide.

Overall, we think it’s a fantastic decision. It does not work as well as our top pick, the XIM APEX, but the longevity aspect may be a significant benefit.

The app is included with almost all of the adapters and is used to create custom configurations and remap buttons to your preferences.

Overall, it’s an excellent option that will serve you well for a long time.

Xim 4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter

The components used are long-lasting and durable. Many of the same functions as the XIM APEX are available. It has 3 USB ports for your keyboard and mouse, as well as an extra for headphones.

XIM made it into our charts again for the best PS4 keyboard and mouse adapter.

If you’re familiar with the XIM brand, you’ll know that this adapter came before our top pick, the XIM APEX.

This adapter is both rugged and stylish, so if you value both longevity and design, this is the adapter for you.

However, as you would imagine, the performance isn’t quite as good as it appears.

As the successor to the XIM APEX, it will clearly be unable to deal with our top pick’s near-lag-free experience.

This is a decent all-around converter if you’re just getting into keyboard and mouse games and don’t want to spend a lot of money.

You can reconfigure all of the keys and set configurations to your tastes using the app. It’s easy to use – as you’d expect from XIM – and has a number of useful features.

If you’re just getting started with a console and a keyboard and mouse, this is a perfect option.


The C91 keyboard and mouse adapter is a perfect option if you’re on a budget but still want high benefit. When it comes to the best PS4 keyboard and mouse accessories, we believe it is the best bang for your penny.

It is a great value for money if you are searching for a budgeted option and don’t want to spend too much on an adapter.

It has a good appearance due to its smaller size. Other than that, it comes with three USB Type-A ports for connecting your keyboard, mouse, and either a pair of headphones or anything else that you wish.

When it comes to longevity, you won’t have to worry about whether or not this connector will last because, with proper treatment, it will.

This adapter is suitable for TPS, RPG, FPS, and RTS games, test Fortnite, PUBG, Battle field, and have a better gaming experience than similar products.


Although the construction, consistency, and architecture aren’t perfect, it still serves its purpose. Comparison to the others in this article, this adapter is good enough to give you good connectivity.

Next, we are going to review IFYOO KMAX1 Pro, this adapter comes with several cool features.

When we talk about compatibility, it is well-suited with Xbox One, PlayStation 4(PS4), PlayStation 3(PS3), Switch and Latop (Windows/Linux).

This adapter is quite easy to use and you will just need to connect Xbox One / PS4 controller and mouse to the keyboard, then connect the keyboard to the device via USB cable.

Although, whether you’re only interested in giving the mouse and keyboard a go, or if you just want to use a mouse and keyboard over the joystick, then we will suggest this, as the price is reasonable and the result is deceitful.

You will experience some bend and cheapness due to the cheaper build.

Having said that, it is extremely simple to use and set up. It has four USB ports for connecting your peripherals, such as a keyboard, mouse, headphones, or even a gamepad.

Titan Two Games Console Cross-Platform Adapter

Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation TV, PS4 Remote Play, Xbox One App, Android Systems, Computers, and more are all compatible with this highly configurable and personalised gaming device.

The Titan Two is an all-in-one computer network that eliminates the need for hundreds of gaming cables, converters, and crossover modules.

The Titan Bluetooth Module (sold separately) allows you to use Bluetooth powered controllers wirelessly with the Titan Two, as well as USB wireless adapters.

For every game, customise the controller interface to meet your needs. Exclusive MODs, combos, and macros can be quickly enabled by dragging and dropping Gamepacks or community-created scripts.

There are no chips to add, and no tools are needed. Create your own millisecond-accurate files, combinations, and macros.

The Titan Two complies with the HID format, making it compatible with a wide range of HID game peripherals, including fight sticks, steering wheels, joysticks, and foot switches.

KX Keyboard Mouse Adapter

With this converter, you can use a USB wired keyboard and mouse to play FPS games on Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PS3. There is no lag or locking in this KX keyboard mouse converter.

It has extremely good compatibility with Switch, PS4, PS4 Slim, XboxOne, XboxOne S, XboxOne X, PS3, PS3 Slim are all compatible.

When playing games with a wired mouse and keyboard, there is no pause, and it sounds like the actual mouse and keyboard are functioning.

You can easily play FPS, TPS, RPG, and RTS games, including Fortnite, PUBG, Battlefield, and Call of Duty.

This adapter is quite easy to operate and there is no need to add any drivers since it is plug and play.

GameSir Wireless Adapter

The 2nd generation Agility X 2.4GHz wireless receiver in the GameSir VX2 AimSwitch keypad provides an immediate and secure wireless link with ultra-low latency, with a polling rate of up to 1000Hz, which is 8 times faster than the first generation.

The GameSir VX2 comes with an adapter; simply plug the 2.4G Dongle into the switch’s USB port to power both controllers.

There are no extra keys on the gaming keypad, and it is light and portable. You won’t have to think about your game room being used up if you want to improve your skills.

The all-new GameSir VX2 AimSwitch gaming keypad is a wireless one-handed mechanical keypad with 36 TTC mechanical red switches, allowing up to 50 million keystrokes.

Know for outstanding speed and precision to deliver you a gameplay performance like never before.

Do you need an adapter for keyboard and mouse on PS4?

Yes, you will require an adapter.

What is the best keyboard and mouse adapter?

We consider the XIM APEX as the best option you can go after.

What games can you play with keyboard and mouse on PS4?

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Final Fantasy 14 and many more.

Wrapping it up…

So, this was our detailed guide on the best PS4 Keyboard and mouse adapter you can buy online on Amazon.

Go through the above article and choose the best adapter according to your needs. You will get both cheap and expensive options depending on your budget and priorities.

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