3 Best Satellite Phone Service Providers in USA

Satellite Phone Service Providers in USA

Satellite phones were invented in the year 1979, and since then they have been widely used for different kinds of purpose.

From army and military to general citizens satellite phone is considered one of the equipment that should be carried for emergency use.

The basic use of satellite phone was to make calls and send text message but now a days the phone also comes with features like internet facility.

So, if you are planning to go beyond normal cell phone range, be it on land, water or ice, don’t worry about reaching out to your loved ones as a satellite phone will let you do that.

Exploring different part of the earth is also easily possible with the help of satellite phone as reaching out in the time of emergency can be done easily.

Though we have to keep in mind that satellite phone plan doesn’t come cheap.

Don’t expect it to cost you normally like your regular smart phone, rather they are expensive. One should choose a satellite phone on the basis of network coverage, reliability and voice quality.

In the article we will discuss about various features by top 3 Satellite phone service providers in Unites States of America –

  • Iridium
  • Inmarsat/BGAN
  • Globalstar

Top Satellite Phone Service Providers in America


One of the best worldwide coverage networks, Iridium is well known Satellite Phone Service Providers in the US.

Plus, Iridium can be considered nor too expensive or too cheap with its moderate plans.

Iridium’s has 66 LEO (low earth orbit) satellites and is located 485 miles from Earth, they are always moving.

Features that you will get includes voice mail, short messaging, US number access, internet access.

Widely used by military and adventure seekers, Iridium is one of the first choice for people searching for satellite phone and service.

Other than that this is the only satellite phone service provider which extends to the polar regions.

Satellite phone: Iridium Extreme 9575

This satellite phone is one of the best options and has very good, rigged qualities as well.

With integrated GPS, SOS button, this satellite phone will work from anywhere across the globe.

The phone is tough and has push to talk feature as well.

Battery life of this satellite phone is quite impressive and is designed to last very long on standby mode.


With Simultaneous voice and data, Global coverage and reliable network Inmarsat is a good option when we talk about satellite phone service.

Inmarsat GEO (geostationary) satellites circle the equator in relatively fixed orbits, 22,000 miles from earth.

You will also get GPS and internet service with this satellite phone network provider.

So, if you are travelling to thick forest ranges or to a very remote place, Inmarsat will keep you connected with friends and family.

Other than that, you can easily call for help with Inmarsat as it provides good global coverage.

Though there is no coverage in the polar regions as Iridium is the only one to provide in those regions.

Inmarsat network doesn’t drop calls frequently and will provide a stable, reliable network.

Satellite Phone: IsatPhone 2

With Inmarsat network, IsatPhone 2 satellite phone is a good option for travellers and adventure seekers.

Good network and reliable design if you are one of those who likes to go to extreme weather conditions then this can be your deal.

IsatPhone 2 is dust, shock, and splash resistant, and withstands 95 percent humidity.

The battery life of this satellite phone is great too and has 165 hours of standby time as well.

Other features include, voicemail, SMS, and email messaging the phone also has built in GPS which can help emergency services track if you are lost.


If you are looking for a simple and affordable service provider then Globalstar is the answer.

Glbalstar satellite phone provides low cost plans so that you can stay in touch without spending a lot of money.

This network will give you good voice quality, cheap airtime, data plans and a customer service which will be available 24*7.

Though you will not get a full global coverage the satellite phones are linked with 24 cellular ground stations and each phone features a localized regional phone number.

When we compare the three (Iridium, Inmarsat and Globalstar) you will get the best voice quality in this network.

If you are constantly travelling to normal coverage areas and want a very good reliable network then Globalstar is a good option.

Satellite phone: Globalstar GSP-1700

With one of the clearest voice qualities, Globalstar GPS-1700 is a good bargain for people looking for a not so expensive satellite phone.

Though sending and receiving text messages from this satellite phone will not be possible.

Plus, GPS location service also doesn’t exist but you will get longitude and latitude directly from the phone while in talk mode.

On the other hand, you will get voice mail feature with this satellite phone.


Be it for emergencies or travelling to remote areas satellite phones are something that you can totally rely upon.

Satellite phone works by sending radio signals to the satellites that move around the Earth’s orbit.

The signal then transmits back down to earth to a station and will route the call to the Public Switched Telephone Network.

These satellites are fixed either above the Equator or in the Low Earth Orbit.

Satellite phones are responsible to save millions of lives since its invention.

Initially made for military use and army officials, later it became popular amongst travellers and adventure seekers as well.

Hope this article was helpful about satellite phone service providers.

Overall if you live in the United Stated then this three satellite phone service providers are the best.

Go through the features of Iridium, Inmarsat/BGAN, Globalstar service providers and select the one you think is the most appropriate for you.

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