5 Best Wireless Communication Devices for Adventure Trips

Planning for your next adventurous trip? But confused about how to communicate with family and friends? Don’t worry we have got you covered. Here, we will discuss about 5 best wireless communication devices that you can carry with you anywhere.

While travelling and going on an adventurous trip, it is not easy to be connected with your loved ones. The main problem which arises between communication is bad or no network due to remote terrain.

Well, to keep a hold on loved ones and to reduce stress while travelling the best thing one can do is carry a communication device which will work in remote areas as well.

A reliable service that provides good communication access is essential.

Satellite phones can be very expensive for most travellers, though it is one of the best devices for communication while you go on an adventure trip.

Fortunately, there are now more options for backcountry communication.

In this article we are going to discuss about 5 gadgets that will help you communicate with others without cell service.

Must Have Wireless Communication Devices

1) Garmin inReach SE +

One of the best ways to stay in contact while going on an adventure trip is, Garmin inReach SE +.

It is a GPS tracking system that can share waypoints on a map with friends and family and plot your route as well.

It also has a dedicated SOS button, tracking, and weather option on the device.

One of the best things about this device is that it can pair with your smart phone and allows you to send 160-character text message.

This device uses Iridium communications network, so this means you can get coverage anywhere on earth.

Overall, this device is a good option and carrying it anywhere with you will not be a problem at all so its lightweight and portable.

2) Walkie Talkie

A good source of communication, walkie talkies work upon radio waves to communicate wirelessly on a single frequency band.

You can use a walkie talkie to communicate with inmates and people who are travelling with you.

The best walkie talkie works around a certain range and the components inside a walkie talkie includes contains a transmitter, an antenna for sending and receiving radio waves.

Some features in a walkie talkie includes, a ‘push-to-talk’ button, microphone and GPS tracking.

Overall, walkie talkie is very easy to use and is good for children as well.

While going on an adventurous trip you can easily handover a walkie talkie to your child and let him/her play around nearby without any stress.

Walkie talkies are lightweight and you can easily carry them around anywhere you want.

3) goTenna Mesh

Turn your smartphone into satellite communication device with this small stick known as goTenna Mesh.

As we all know, satellite phone and plans can be very expensive but not many more.

Travelers going on an adventurous trio can use this device to contact their loved ones even when they have no network on their smartphones.

You can send text messages and GPS coordinates by creating personal peer-to-peer network.

Even when travelling abroad, carrying this piece of device can let you easily communicate.

Though one problem you might face about this way of communication is it becomes useless when you phone goes off or loses power/battery.

4) Sonnet

Another good device that will let you communicate by sending message and coordinates when your cell phone network isn’t available.

Unlike similar other device, the Sonnet will allow you to send multimedia message like recording and images.

Plus, it will also act like a walkie-talkie style push to talk communications via a smartphone app too.

You will also get offline maps with this device while will help you to find ways during adventure trips.

Simply connect your smartphone with Sonnet via the internal Wi-Fi network and you will be good to go.

This device will come with a micro-USB port for charging, plus a standard USB port for extensibility.

5) Satellite Phone

Last but not the lease in our list of 5 wireless communication device comes a satellite phone.

Quite famous amongst travellers, if you have a good budget then satellite phone can be one of the best ways to communicate.

With loads of features and reliability, satellite phone can be a lifesaver when you go on an adventure trip and need to communicate.

From calls, messages, SOS signals, GPS tracking, Weather you will get a number of cool features with a good satellite phone.

Other than that, a satellite phone is quite portable and lightweight which allows you to carry it anywhere you want.

Overall, a satellite phone can have a number of uses that can be very helpful while travelling to a region with no network.


So, this was all about best wireless communication devices which are good for adventurous trips.

Adventurous trips like camping, hiking, going to remote regions, exploring can be really fun when you are stress free.

That is the reason, in this era of technology staying connected with your loved ones is important.

In this article we have shared some best ways or you can say devices that can help you to communicate with your loved ones when you head out to remote terrain.

Not only communication, such devices can also be a life saver and help you with GPS, SOS signal when you are in danger.

Plus, maps function will never get you get lost while you head out for adventure.

Go through all the 5 devices and choose your next best gadget for your adventure trip.