Do Architecture Students Need Laptop from 1st Year?

Do Architecture Students Need Laptop from 1st Year of their college?

Well the answer is big Yes!

Architecture needs an exestuation of ideas into reality with a bit of creative twist and here comes Laptop as a key role player. Today, there are so many software and apps are available in the market that help Architecture students in designing even complex projects without any hassle.

This is why a good laptop is essential for students associated with architectural designing. If you are used to work on software like Revit then here the recommended best laptop for Revit student.

Architecture plans and designs can be made significantly much better with the help of a computer software, making each component of drafting more attainable.

However, a normal laptop is not enough for this, Architecture students definitely need a device with good specifications that can handle heavy programming and software.

Architecture design tools, work, assignment and much more, all requires a best laptop for 1st year architecture students.

Architecture students don’t require base hardware specifications, rather they need a specific working framework which can work properly on vital programming skills.

Laptops utilizing Windows 10 Pro Edition operating system are suggested for the students as a result of programming necessities.

Other than that, most of the architect students use the below software, so your laptop must be prepared for them too.

  • AutoCAD, Revit, Vectorworks, and Archicad for CAD work
  • SketchUp, 3ds max, Cinema 4D and rhino for 3D modelling
  • Vray, Corona Render and Lumion for image rendering
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign for graphic work and image editing

Let us now discuss about the minimum technical specifications for students perusing architecture.

Require Laptop Specifications for Architecture Student


Well all the above software we mentioned that is common for studying architecture requires a high-end CPU.

If you get a laptop with good CPU specs, then using the different tools for drafting within the software will be easy and lag free.

A dual core processor will be a good option especially for different multi-tasking process.

So, a good CPU is an essential when we are looking at laptops for architecture students.


A poor RAM will just not allow you to work efficiently on different architectural software.

Running multiple applications requires a good bare minimum of 8 GB RAM.

Though if you have the budget then choose a laptop with 16 GB RAM, as it will help you get the desired performance.


Here you will see 2 types of storage,

Hard Disk Drive Storage (HDD)

Big assignments and projects require tremendous amount of space when you save them.

So, to ensure no future problems regarding storage, you should go for an at least 1TB storage in your laptop.

Getting an external hard drive is always possible if you run out of your laptop storage but this comes with its own pros and cons.

For example, hard drive storage is very much prone to physical damage.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

This type of storage is more reliable then hard drives, so having a proper Solid-State Drive will literally make your job easier.

Most of the software requires space and good processor to work fast, a proper SSD will help you in both the process.

Screen Size

While doing architecture projects, students need to work on detailing and mapping of different assignments.

So that requires you to have a proper screen size that will help you in better efficiency.

We recommended a screen size of at least 15 inches if you want a relatively compact laptop.

If you don’t require a compact laptop then a 17-inch screen size is good for such task.

Graphics Cards [GPU]

While working with high end applications, a proper Graphic card is very important.

Specially with architectural projects, you cannot compromise on details and always need that spot less clarity.

Well, that can only be possible if you have a proper GPU installed in your laptop.

Rendering, editing and making 3D models require hard work along with a good working frame.

So, you will definitely get a graphics processor which has a memory of at least 2 GB.

Nvidia is well known now a days in the specs of graphic cards in laptop.

Most of the companies that make different CAD and other architecture software also recommend Nvidia Quadro or the AMD FirePro series graphic card.

A good GPU will not only make your laptop fast, multi-tasking easy but will also show you good graphics and lag-free system.

Final Words

So, this concludes our main point that yes, it is essential for architecture students to have a good laptop right from the first year.

Every laptop has its own unique configuration, you must search for the one that is appropriate for your architectural profession.

Go through the specs that we have mentioned in this guide to make the best choice.