6 Best Educational Desktop Apps for Online Learners (Free)

Educational Desktop Apps

Since the beginning of 2020, the whole world underwent massive lockdown to present the spread of Coronavirus.

Due to this, educational institutes were also forced to shut down for the wellbeing of staff and students.

Though the concept of learning shouldn’t stop, online education became more prominent than ever before.

Many took this as an opportunity as well and created a proper concept of online learning and that to for free.

There’s a scope of incredible learning applications and sites which offer extraordinary, study materials, and accommodating help at any point you need it.

However, distance learning is indeed since quite a while ago settled.

Similarly, that you may hold a through an across-the-board work area application to stay in contact with associates, so you can stream live or record online class and workshops.

Large numbers of the strategies are being utilized in the realm of work and motivations behind online learning.

So, when it comes to the best desktop app for online leaners, there are be plenty of option.

That is the reason we have this detailed article for you where we have picked the best educational desktop apps.

By the way here are some of the best laptops for online schooling you can try to run below apps effortlessly.

Best Educational Desktop Apps

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the highest quality level for instructive applications, especially considering the wide scope of courses it offers for students. Everything being of high quality, and the way the fact that the application is free is just one of the great things about this app.

Khan Academy’s YouTube videos cover most subjects at a scope of levels including: math, science and designing, expressions and humanities (which incorporates history and social investigations), financial, AP courses, and test prep too.

English language expressions (ELA) is by all accounts one prominent shortcoming of Khan Academy courses.

However, it has some beta (work-in-progress) contributions for 2nd to 10th grade understudies.

There is likewise multiple language option too and Khan Academy is excelling in almost all fields.


Much has been made of the mechanical unrest of the most recent 20 years or something like that, and few can reject that our lives have changed extensively in that time.

Hence, numerous individuals have hoped to cut out vocations for themselves in programming, in the desire for turning into big shots like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg.

SoloLearn obliges those hoping to hone their programming abilities.

Regardless of whether you’re an amateur or a prepared veteran, you’ll discover courses to help you take your capacities to the following level.

It offers a colossal determination of courses covering programming dialects including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Java, Swift, and C++.


Part of the way claimed by the Open University, FutureLearn offers a wide scope of free short courses across a scope of various subjects.

Its short, ‘miniature qualification’ courses are accessible for free of cost, and you can get a printable advanced option as well (however this will cost you some extra money, with charges beginning from around $40).

There are 14 branches of subjetcs altogether, offering an assortment of more limited and longer courses – relying upon how profoundly you need to go into the point.

Just as how effectively or else you’ll have the option to fit it into your regular timetable.


One of the world’s most popular internet learning assets, Coursera has a few thousand courses from leading educational providers.

Those incorporate big universities, for example, Stanford and Princeton, just as large name organizations, for example, IBM and Google.

Coursera offers a few thousand free courses across a plenty of various branches of subjects.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a prologue to programming or you need to will holds with AI, there’s a seminar on Coursera for you.

Another advantage of utilizing this app is that you can finish assortments of related courses (known as “specializations”) to truly hone your insight across a specific theme.


Offering a decision of in excess of 130,000 free video instructional exercises, Udemy is quite possibly the most famous learning applications around.

Here you can study an authentic buffet of various points.

Regardless of whether it’s tech and business, experimental writing, non-verbal communication, or even yoga, Udemy’s expert coaches will likewise be available to help you learn.

Another bit of leeway of utilizing Udemy is that it offers you the chance to learn at a speed that works for you.


Another stage devoted to coding courses is Codeacademy.

One truly valuable component that Codecademy offers a number of cool features including live practice window.

This permits you to deal with and practice your coding while simultaneously as having the option to see the exercise material.

Its courses are intended to be as open and simple to follow as could be expected.

Codecademy offers free courses covering a wide range of programming languages. In excess of 11 million individuals have finished Codecademy courses up until this point, and a large portion of these courses can be finished in close to 11 hours, making time the board a lot simpler for you.

Final Words

There are a lot of advantages of an online educational app for your child, from interactive session to new learning techniques, all the above apps have a lot to offer.

Plus, during these hard times of social distancing, a child must not stop its learning process that is where online education steps in for the rescue.

You can choose any of the above educational desktop app according to the subjects of your child’s interest and the best part is that it is free, until you choose for the paid version.

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