How to Connect Cricut Machine with Laptop?

Cricut is a cutting machine from which you can make splendid arts and craft material. A lot can be done in the field of design and arts with the help of this cutting machine.

Materials ranging from wood, leather, fabric, paper, etc can be easily cut and designed with Cricut machine. Though all this requires a laptop or computer to operate and, in this article, we will talk about how you can easily connect this machine with your laptop.

There are a number of best laptops for Cricut machine in the market that works perfect with this artistic device.

Here’s how to set up and connect Cricut with laptop –

Connect Laptop with Cricut: 2 Methods

This process is quite easy and in the first step you must open the cricut machine box.

Next take the machine out of the box and check out the two-cord attached to the device.

One cord will be for power and the other cord must get attached to your laptop (USB cord).

Now plug the cricut machine in the power source and attach the USB wire to your laptop and turn on everything.

Another way you can connect your cricut machine to the laptop is via Bluetooth.

After your laptop is switched on, go to your browser and open

Here you must create an ID, so simply follow the on-screen instruction to do the same.

Next you will be prompted to download and install Design Space plugin.

After that the set up will be completed and you will be incited towards making your first project.

When you are done completing the machine set up, your machine will be automatically registered with your account.

Connect your Cricut Machine with Laptop via Bluetooth

Other than connecting the cricut machine with USB, you can also use Bluetooth to do the same.

Note: “Cricut Explore” and “Cricut Explore One” will require a wireless Bluetooth adapter in order to create connectivity between the two.

You can use either iOS, Mac, Windows or Android device to create Bluetooth connectivity between the two devices.

Here are the steps you need to follow to pair Cricut with laptop using Bluetooth connectivity –

  1. First make sure that the cricut machine is connected to a power source and in the range of 10-15 feet from the laptop. (also, if you are using Cricut Explore and Cricut Explore One then make sure the Bluetooth adapter is inserted.)
  2. Enable the Bluetooth option in your laptop by going to the settings option.
  3. Next go to Bluetooth settings and click on “Add Bluetooth or other device” option.
  4. Next select the name of your machine.
  5. Now you will be asked to pair the two, if prompted for pairing pin then enter 0000 and click on connect option.
  6. Now your cricut machine will be paired to your laptop.

Note: The above steps are for Windows 10 computer/laptop.

As you have just started with this machine, knowing how it works and its basics are important.

For this, the machine comes with little cards and as soon as you set up and it will prompt you to complete some projects.

Don’t skip that part as it is essential and will help you to get a better understand of the machine.

Final Words

In the world of arts and design this machine is very popular and people make splendid designs with the help of cricut machine.

Other than that, the machine is compatible with your smart phones too and can be connected easily via Bluetooth option.

So, this was all about how you can connect your cricut machine with laptop. Hope you found this guide helpful, if yes then don’t forget to share with others on social media.