How to Connect Cricut to Mobile Phone?

Now bring your vision into reality with this edge cutting machine. A cricut machine lets you design, personalize, create amazing arts and craft material.

Other than paper you can even cut wood, leather, fabric and much more with the help of a cricut machine.

In order to use a cricut machine, you need to first download a software called Design Space. This application is supported on both your laptop/computer and smart phones.

You can get best laptop for cricut cutting machine out of many available in the market. Other than laptops, if you own an Android or iOS smart phone then also you can operate a cricut machine.

In this article we will show you how you can easily connect your smart phone with a cricut machine.

Connect Cricut to Mobile Phone (Android & iPhone)

Connecting this machine with any device involves three steps:

  1. First, download & install Design space on your device.
  2. Connecting the machine with your device.
  3. Lastly setting up the machine with your account.

For iPhone/iPad

Let us first understand the process of using your iOS device with a cricut machine.

For this first make sure that your cricut machine is 10-15 feet away from your smart phone.

Now, you need to first download and install the Design Space application on your iOS device. Simply download it from Apple’s App store by searching it within the device. You can search for “Cricut Design Space” and then click on the install button.

After the downloading process completes, launch the Design Space app from your home page.

Next before moving forward, you need to first pair your phone with the cricut machine.

For this enable Bluetooth option on your iPad/iPhone and go to “My Device” option to pair the Cricut machine.

In case you’re asked for a pin then simple enter 0000, and your device will be easily connected.

For Android/Tablets

Very similar to the process of iOS device, first you need to make sure that the device is at least 10-15 feet away from your phone.

Next you need to download Design space application from Google Play Store.

Now connect your phone with the cricut machine by going to the Bluetooth settings.

Now enable Bluetooth and go to available device option, then select cricut machine to pair.

If you are asked for a pin then simply enter 0000 and your phone will be connected with cricut machine.

Setting Up Machine to Cricut Account on Mobile

After you are done pairing your iOS or Android device with the machine, you need to login to Cricut Design space which you downloaded in the beginning.

Next open the app and click on Machine Setup option, here you will be prompted to choose the cricut machine you wish to operate.

Next if you don’t have a cricut account then create an ID and click on Sign in option.

Now with the help of this ID you can use the cricut machine from anywhere, be it your laptop or phone.

After you sign in for the first time, the app will prompt you and ask you to run tests.

These tests will help you to understand the application better and with the help of hundreds of designs and images you can easily make beautiful craft.

Final Words

Explore the field of crafts with cricut machine and make the most of it with the help of your smart phone or laptop.

Go through the above guide and simply connect your smartphone with cricut machine.