How to Install Revit Software on Laptop?

This is an actionable guide that will teach you how to install Revit Software on Laptop step by step.

Revit is a structural plan and architectural design programming software which is quite famous amongst architects, specialists, creators and designers.

They use the software for overseeing building plan and enumerating the model.

On the other hand, BIM Services is a cycle and not an application underneath the Revit programming.

It is used in making models which are mainly for construction, planning, development and the management of a building a plan to make progress quick.

BIM Model makes the outside and inside components of a construction site.

These elements can be changed and anyone working with Revit can work in it and make changes.

To ensure smooth work, you must have the best laptop for running Revit.

Revit is the only software specially made to work for BIM with highlights for architectural plan, MEP and basic specialists.

Revit with other displaying software that can coordinate with BIM measure enables the architects to configuration, designs, picture and work together to get interconnected information inside a model.

In this article we are going to talk about how to install Revit software on your laptop.

So, if you are new to this, or just having some problems while downloading Revit, follow the simple steps in this article.

Important Notes

  • First check if your laptop meets the requirements to download the Revit software.
  • Check administrator privileges on your device and turn off any anti-virus program running on your laptop.

Steps on How to Install Revit Software on your Laptop

1) Go to and login to Autodesk Education Community.

2) Next tap on the option of Free Software on the top of the page.

3) Now from the available list scroll down and select Revit.

4) Next use your Autodesk ID to sign in and select the following options;

  • License Type: Personal or individual use
  • Version: Revit 2020
  • Operating System: Windows 64-bit
  • Language: Your preferred language

5) Jot down your Serial Number and the Product Key, as it might be needed later in order to activate the software.

6) Next tap on the Install Now option and accept the License and Services Agreement.

7) Now accept the default installation options and then wait for the process to complete. (This can take up to an hour or more)

Now the application will be installed.

Autodesk Revit 2020 is now installed, note when you first launch it, you will be prompted to enter the serial number and product key which we asked you to jot down in the fifth point above.

After that is completed make sure to run the application on your laptop.

Lastly go to the Update option and select ALL to install ALL of the Revit 2020-related product updates.


So, this was the process of installing Revit software on your laptop.

Remember these kinds of software are not light and requires a base minimum of laptop requirements. Here, check specs of laptop for Revit.

BIM Designers, engineers, professionals or architects, everyone who intent to use this software must have the high configuration laptop to run heavy software like AutoDesk Revit.