How to Measure a Computer Screen Size?

This is your ultimate how to measure a computer screen size guide. It will learn you how you can know the size of your PC, laptop, and tablet.

A number of times after buying a device we forget to consider about the screen size.

Just because the first glimpse of the device seemed fine, getting to know about the screen size might not have been important for you that time.

But its never too late about knowing the display size of your device, be it computer, laptop or tablet.

In this article we will discuss about how to measure screen size of computer, laptop, and tablet.

Other than the that, it has been observed quite a few times that manufactures lie about the screen size.

For example, the famous brand Sony has a range of machines they call in the VPC series. All the device in this series that has been marketed as 15.5″ models but in reality, they are 15.6″ screens.

So, be it some confusion or just to be sure, here we will discuss about how you can find out the screen size of your laptop or tablet.

There are two ways in which you can determine the screen size of any device. You can either check the screen size with the help of a measuring tape or you can check the device specification and get to know about the screen size. This can be done by either checking the box of the device and going through its specifications. In case you don’t have the box, you can also check the specification online.

Here are some ways you can try to map the size of your computer screen –

How to Measure a Computer Screen Size Manually?

Manually measuring your laptop, computer or tablet screen is possible with the help of a measuring tape.

This must be done from the top right corner to the bottom left of your screen.

Or you can also call it diagonally, so measuring it diagonally is essential.

Plus, don’t include the frame of the monitor and just measure screen from edge to edge.

Inches is used as a standard measuring unit for measuring screen sizes in all types of device.

This means when you are using a measuring tape to check the size, make sure that you use the right unit, which is inches in this case.

In-Plane Switching (IPS) Screen Laptops are very popular now a days and are known for their display colours and screen qualities. This type of screen comes in high resolution and the boarders of the screen is quite thin. So, while measuring IPS display laptop make sure that you just cover the screen and not the frame.

How to Measure Tablet Screen Size Without Measuring It?

It might be possible that you don’t have a measuring tape but immediately need to know the screen size of your laptop, computer or tablet.

In this case, simply go on the web and search about the company name along with the model of your device. You will be instantly presented with the specification of your device where you can find the screen size as well.

But make sure that you search for the exact model that you have and for that knowing the product or model number is essential.

If you are not sure about the Product Number or Model Number then it can be found downside of the Laptop close to the batteries.

If you are using a tablet then you can find the model number in the settings option.

How Many Screen Sizes Are There for Computer, Laptop, and Tablet?

Well, there is a wide range of screen sizes ranging from 7 inches in tablets to 18.4 inches in laptops and computers.

Now a days, screen size depends upon your usage and portability.

If you wish to have a lightweight, compact and portable laptop then going to 10 to 14 inches is recommended.

If you don’t have any problems with portability then large size works good enough.


So, this was all about how to measure a computer screen size manually and online.

Now don’t worry if you didn’t think much about the screen size before or just forgot.

Simply follow the above article and get to know about the screen size of your device within minutes.