IPS Vs TN Monitors: Which One to Choose for Gaming?

Didn’t you know the different between IPS and TN monitors? If not then this IPS Vs TN guide will help you to get the basic differences between these two types of monitors.

Purchasing a PC screen involves a tons of searching and digging that you need to slice through before making your buy.

You’ve to look into a number of aspects like refresh rate and response time, contrast ratio, colour gamut, and lastly what type of panel you should go for.

With regards to that, two famous terms that we are going to talk about today is Twisted Nematic (TN) and In-plane Switching (IPS).

IPS vs TN Monitor

Let us now discuss about the difference between IPS and TN display based on various factors like viewing angles, color and response time, contrast and gaming purpose.

After reading all the factors and differences you will be definitely able to choose between the two especially for gaming purpose.

Viewing Angles

In this section IPS display has some advantages than TN displays.

IPS display offer better viewing angles as watching the panel from far shallower angles is possible.

This means you will be able to watch what’s on-screen without much colour squalor or distortion.

Though IPS screen still has a problem known as “IPS glow” which can be a disadvantage for some.

This glow can be noticed when viewing the display from extreme viewing angles.

Some cheap IPS displays or the once not being manufactured in good standard have this glow problem.

But overall, when we talk about IPS vs TN viewing angles then IPS wins the race.

Color and Response Time

An all new TN panel has a rapid ~1ms response time and on the other hand, IPS monitors have a slower response time speed (usually 4ms or 5ms GtG).

Though not everyone can figure out the difference between the response time.

Plus, TN also eliminates irregular and motion blur of very fast-moving objects on the screen.

But the color representation of TN screen is not up to the mark, and many times cause images to shift in color and contrast.


The contrast of both IPS and TN display will be around 1000:1 or lower.

Though IPS is considered to be a better in this sector with high color accuracy.

This is the reason you don’t get to see the ‘washed out’ images in IPS panels.


When we consider IPS vs TN for gaming, which one is better?

TN: Twisted Nematic provides a good and smooth experience and is one of the best choices for every professional FPS gamer.

One the other hand, FPS gamers tend to go for TN panel rather than IPS one.

Plus, as we have already discussed TN has a better response time than IPS panels.

Overall, these factors make Twisted Nematic a better choice for gamers, and due to the quick response time fast movements on the screen has better effect and quality as well.

TN vs IPS Which is ideal for Gaming?

Each panel as it comes with different type of technology has its own advantage and disadvantage.

But when we talk about gaming and compare Twisted Nematic (TN) vs In-plane Switching (IPS) then who is the ultimate winner?

After reading the specification you might have already understood that TN is very much recommended for gaming purpose.

First, due to the better response time, which is only 1 millisecond. This factor doesn’t let you see any blurred lines even when you are gaming at very fast speed.

Plus, the refresh rate of TN monitors is great as well with 144Hz or more.

This factor doesn’t let you suffer from stuttering images and allows smooth gaming experience.

On the other hand, when we talk about IPS monitor for gaming both refresh rate and response time is considered lower than TN monitors.

So, due to bad response rates and lower possible refresh rates IPS display is not considered the right choice for gaming.

IPS displays are used most importantly where colour and graphic play an important role.

That is why people go for IPS screen laptops if they are looking for good quality and amazing graphics.

IPS screen laptops are very much in demand these days due to the screen quality and viewing angles.

So, in these sectors IPS displays are considered the best as they provide amazing viewing angles and colour reproduction making it a perfect choice for some.

Final Words

So, this was about IPS vs TN display and which one is better for gaming.

Go through the above article and understand the difference between the two.

As a conclusion we have declared compare Twisted Nematic (TN) a better choice for gaming.

On the other hand, if you care too much about colour and graphic play then consider In-plane Switching (IPS) monitor.