Must Have Laptop Specifications for Teachers

With technology rising every single day, the significance of laptops is increasing too. Laptops have now become an important part of the educational system.

Most of the institutes around the world require laptops in order to get the fullest potential of today’s knowledge.

Plus, the whole world is going through the current COVID-19 pandemic and this gave a short break to the educational system too.

Though the world revived itself with technology and started online classes so that students could sit right at their home and still gain knowledge.

So be it online classes or the need of the hour, having the best laptops for teacher is essential.

In this article we will talk about “must have” laptop specification for all the teacher out there.

Specs a Teacher Must Consider when Buying a Laptop


One of the most important parts of your laptop, a good processor is essential.

Teaching online requires to operate a number different applications which means multi-tasking should be smooth on your laptop.

This can be possible if you have a good processor that will let you operate different tasks without any lags or hassle.

From browsing the internet, screen sharing, playing videos or being on the camera at the same time, a good and fast processor will be able to handle everything.

So, for all the above kinds of multi-tasking you will at least require minimum Intel i5 processor.


Also known as the short-term memory of your laptop, RAM has an important significance too.

If you have a good RAM then doing multiple things on your laptop becomes easy.

The higher number of RAM the better and more powerful your laptop will be.

For teachers, at least 8 GB of RAM is necessary to easily accomplish daily multi-tasking without any lags.

Webcam and Audio Quality

Be it online teaching or in class teaching, when you have a laptop then it should come with good Webcam and audio quality.

Almost all the laptops come with a webcam, but checking its quality prior to the purchase is important.

USB Ports

Having some important and universal USB ports is a must for better connectivity.

Sometimes a mouse has to be attached or a pen drive or even an HDMI port.

This will be possible if you have a decent amount of ports on your laptop. For USB C port, consider these laptops.


Teaching involves a lot of projects, notes and downloading.

If you don’t have enough storage in your laptop then that can be a total mess.

Always look for laptops with good storage options to save all your important data at one place.

So, having a minimum 128 GB of SSD drive is important, though now a day’s laptops come with more than 1 TB of storage too.

Screen Size

Teaching and knowledge requires reading a lot of notes straight from your laptop.

If you consider a very compact laptop then the screen size will be small too.

So, an average sized laptop will be good to accomplish all these tasks with ease.

The minimum screen size should be 13+ inches and a good IPS display will be cherry on top.

Final Words

So, if you are looking for best laptops for teacher then it must have the above specifications.

You can get all the above features in both cheap and expensive brands.