Laptop Vs Chromebook: Which One is Perfect for Online Teaching

Settling on a laptop or Chromebook for teachers can be confusing, and the choice must be based on your preferences.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a laptop to teach or you’re searching for a better alternative for online class, we will assist you with getting the right choice.

In this article of Chromebook vs Laptop, we’ll talk about the difference between the two.

Laptop Vs Chromebook


A Chromebook is a device that has the Chrome OS working framework.

Anything you can do with the Google Chrome program; you can do with a Chromebook.

No requirement for updates or programming, with a Chromebook you can simply charge it, open the cover and begin using the device immediately.

When we talk about looks, a Chromebook looks just like a regular laptop.

Google has defined Chromebook as a better and faster operating system in comparison with Windows, Linux etc.

While considering best laptop for online teaching, Chromebooks are a popular choice.

Normal tasks like web browsing, notes, standard online classes etc can be easily done if you own a Chromebook.

Chromebook vs Laptop

Both laptops and Chromebook have different operating system, although they look similar.

Laptop can give a more upgradable and complex experience while Chromebooks give a norm, what you purchase is the thing that you get, insight.

Laptops can run applications while Chromebooks run exclusively off of web-based programs.

Traditionally Chromebooks have lower-performing chips that is made to suit generally thin requests of Chrome OS.

There are some costly Chromebooks that sudden spike in demand for Intel Core chips, yet generally low to mid-range Chromebooks have lesser-known processors.

Conventional Laptops run on a working framework called Windows 10, and they run Windows applications.

Windows laptops offer a vigorous exhibit of highlights, including powerful illustrations cards, so they are more adaptable.

You can use a similar laptop to compose a research paper during the day and play games in the evening time.

There are likewise laptops that run Linux, an open source working framework, yet they are generally uncommon.

Additionally, Apple makes its own workstations that sudden spike in demand for its macOS working framework, and are known as MacBooks.

Chromebooks are far less complex as they run Chrome OS, which depends on the Chrome internet browser.

The freshest Chromebooks can run Android applications, giving them more prominent flexibility than before.

It’s additionally significant that Windows PCs likewise generally have a ton of nearby stockpiling, from 128GB on the low end.

Chromebooks regularly incorporate about 16GB of capacity.

This is on the grounds that Chrome OS, and the applications it runs, don’t require as much extra room as Windows.

Chromebooks are likewise designed to save your documents online in the ‘cloud’, by using apps like Google Drive.

Is a Chromebook or Laptop Better for Online Teaching?

For teaching purpose, a Chromebook will allow you to do most of your work and will come in cheap options as well.

On the other hand, if you plan to do other things with your device as well, like multi-tasking, adding heavy software, editing then laptop is recommended.

Chromebook is good for school work and light task but it cannot handle very complex jobs.

Final Words

So, now it depends on you and the choice will be yours between a laptop or Chromebook.

Teaching does involve a lot of multi-tasking and downloading of heavy applications too.

So, according to how heavy your usage is going to be, choose an appropriate device.